Overheard on Vacation

C: “Mom!  Is this a snail or a periwinkle?”

Chichimama: “A periwinkle.”

C: (running back over to his friends) “My mom said it is a periwinkle, and she is usually right.  But don’t tell her I said that!”


A: “I love love love love love the beach.  I love it almost as much as I love you.”


C: “I am the oldest cousin!  I have been coming here longer than everyone else.  That makes me the expert.”


A: “I am going to move to Maine when I grow up.”

Chichimama: “Why?”

A: “Because everyone here loves the Red Sox just like me!”

Chichimama: “I can’t WAIT to tell your father that!”


Chichimama: “Did you say goodbye to the beach?”

C: “Yeah…”

Chichimama: “Were you sad?”

C: “No, of course not.  I know I will see it next year.”

A: “I didn’t say goodbye, because I have all the sand in my shoes to bring home with me.”




  1. Well they are definitely better than me at saying goodbye. When ever our vacation is over I am in tears. Must be because I didn’t bring the sand 😉

  2. heh…just how much sand was in those shoes?

  3. Too cute, all of it! I think you might be able to use the “my mom is usually right” one to your advantage 😉

  4. Love that last one! I do believe we’re like that around here, too, when we leave the beach.

  5. Oh, my, reading this gave me the best laughs I’ve had all day – thanks 🙂

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