I am glues to the Democratic National Convention. And not just because I am a politics junkie. I am actually fascinated by the delegates and their enthusiasm. Clearly I am a jaded ex-New Yorker, as I can’t imagine getting so excited and committed that I would wear a red, white, and blue shirt with gingham donkeys appliquéd onto it.

Also, I feel for Caroline Kennedy, having to listen to Sweet Caroline played as she walked on stage. I would think that someone named Caroline might get rather sick of having that song played for them.



  1. We’re glued too, and even spotted some family friends who are delegates from Florida. And, no, they weren’t wearing shirts appliquéd with donkeys… 😉

  2. Yeah, I bet SHE does get really sick of that song, huh?! 😉 LOL

    So … ya been hiding under a rock or something lately? 😉

  3. The song associated with my name is rather annoying too. Someone really should start making up songs with girl’s names that are actually good and fun to listen to.

  4. Didn’t it just come out in the last year that JT wrote that song FOR Caroline Kennedy? Double ook.

    I didn’t watch. I’m not exactly sure why.

  5. yeah, i bet people named ‘caroline’ get pretty sick of hearing that song, huh?

  6. I’m sure Caroline Kennedy has had it up to her eyeteeth with that song. Orelse she’s deaf to it by now. I’m that way with _Sixteen Going on Seventeen_…

  7. Good for you for keeping up with the campaigns!

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