Outta Luck

Last year A missed not a day of school.  C missed one, and I actually could have sent him that day but we were all tired and it was March and the child hadn’t been sick once so I decided that a day on the couch was warranted.  We didn’t even have runny noses once all year!  I chose not to mention such things on da blog because, well, no point jinxing myself now was there?  But now I feel free to do so as it appears that our luck has run out.

The kids have been in school for three days.  We all have the worst coughs we have ever had, except for the pneumonia incident. The cough is the worst illness, as your child sounds awful and no other parent wants your coughing child in school.  But yet, the cough is no where on the list of illnesses that require you keep your child home from school, unless there is a fever.  Plus, unlike some other illnesses, the cough drags on forever, so it is not even like one can fudge it and say “You feel a little hot, I think I will keep you home.”  Because if you do, they will still be coughing ten days from now and you can’t fake a fever for ten days.

So I apologize in advance to all the parents who are going to be whispering in their children’s ears to “Stay away from that coughing child over there, GERMS!”  But my kids will be headed to school tomorrow, although I fully anticipate that C will be sent to the nurse at least once to check for a temperature.



  1. Yeah, the cough thing can be hard. We tend to get bronchitis here and it takes FOREVER to completely go away. I end up taking lots of cough suppressant, but even that is limited help.

    Hope the cough clears up quickly!

  2. Ugh, coughs are the worst. With her asthma, M gets really bad hacking coughs that tend to linger for close to a month. I just reiterate to her each time to make sure she coughs in her elbow and ignore the glares from the other PTA moms. 😉

    I am in utter disbelief that C only missed one day of school last year. M missed at least a dozen (though, to be fair, about half of those were for family events out of town and Jewish holidays).

  3. Bummer! I hope the hacking goes away soon.

  4. Yep. Coughs are the WORST. Public appearance of germ-spreading and endless projection of same.

    I send ’em to school with coughs, too.

    Both girls have had low-grade fevers this weekend, and now Gemma’s fever is gone but she’s blossomed into a stuffy nose. Meanwhile Wilder has a rash all over his body, presumably acquired yesterday while playing in the run-off ditch during and after the tropical storm. And am I keeping any of them home? No, I am not.

    By this I know I have become an Extremely Jaded Parent.

  5. I can’t imagine them having to deal with the coughs for such a long time.

  6. Jennifer (ponderosa) says:

    My little one has a cold, too. I was just marveling that we’ve gone nearly 3 months with no illnesses, though. A year cold-free! I can’t even imagine it!

  7. I’m sorry to hear about the cough, and I hope it eases soon. But, seriously, only 1 sick day last year??? How did you manage that? I am seriously impressed!

  8. Wow, only one sick day!

    Mine has allergies, so he is often sneezing, coughing, and blowing his nose, which must make the other parents a bit nervous!

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