Overheard in the kitchen

M: “I think I am embracing this whole light beer thing.”

Chichimama: “Really???”

M: “Yep.  In fact, I think I might even have to investigate O’Doul’s.  (Pause) I’m old, aren’t I?”

Chichimama: ” You know I have to blog this, right?”

Later, as M is trying to put together some new bookcases…

Chichimama: “Are you READING the DIRECTIONS?”

(M give Chichimama a nasty look.)

Chichimama: “First non-alcoholic beer, then direction reading!  Before you know it, you will be walking into gas stations and asking for help in finding the highway!”

M: “NEVER!  I have GPS!”



  1. But will he pay for parking in Manhattan? That’s Taxman’s litmus test…

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