The annual whine

Can I turn the heat on yet?  I am coooollllllddddd.  Apparently I am starting my whining a week earlier than I did last year and the year before.  Sigh.



  1. We switched ours on two nights ago, and we’re further south than you are… 🙂 Brrrr!

  2. I have to commit to not having the pool heater going for a month before I can turn on the heat. Five days to go.

  3. I haven’t been tempted yet.

  4. Well, it is chilly today. You could always say you’re not really turning it on, just checking to make sure it working fine for the nights where you do need it 🙂

  5. Ours went on today (and last night, I think)–of course we have no control over it…

  6. You need to come here, we are supposed to be 94 degrees today.

  7. do you track your whines by your blog? that’s what i do…

  8. We operate on the No Heat Til Trick or Treat plan. Luckily it has been pretty warm up here this year!

  9. We have had our heat on for a week or two already, however, this fabulously hot weekend that just passed almost had the AC running, almost!

  10. It’s after October 15, so you can turn the heat on now…of course, we haven’t turned ours on yet, but you go ahead!

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