Heat update

Yes, I am still alive.  No, I still haven’t turned on the heat.  I think this is the longest we have held out since the kiddos were born (and we moved out of the city where we had no control over the heat whatsoever…).

Real post to come soon.  Maybe.



  1. You are a stronger woman than I. We caved a few days ago. I figured that if my overheated pregnant self was shivering in the night then my kids were probably ice cold.

  2. It has actually been quite warm here during the day at least, and the not so new anymore house is super airtight so as long as people aren’t traipsing in and out, it maintains a temp for a fairly long time. But I have a feeling that tomorrow morning it will be time…

  3. I have been freezing for the last night/day!

    But: I think I am coming down with a cold. And I’ve been taking my meals outdoors (in the sukkah).

    So don’t go by me.

  4. Ahh, you didn’t turn it on yet? Wasn’t there a frost warning last night?

  5. For once, I am the person who begged for heat last night. S. turned it on for 30 minutes!

    Uh, do you think you could turn it on by Friday night when we arrive at your house?

  6. Uh-oh, Nana sounds worried 😉

    We’ve had ours on for a couple of hours here and there, but here and there is morphing into more on than off…

  7. Your posts (even if they are heat updates) are much more frequent than mine. I think I’ve been silent for over a month…

    Don’t freeze up there… 😉

  8. We haven’t turned on the heat, either, b/c we’re converting from oil to gas on Thursday, and I don’t want to run out of oil before then (we’re getting very, very low, but didn’t want to get more oil b/c they only deliver in large quantities). So we’re trying to conserve the oil for the hot water heater. I feel your shivers!

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