It is a good thing I haven’t had to turn on the heat

So far this week, we are down:

  1. 1 vacuum cleaner
  2. 1 outlet (the cause of the vacuum cleaner’s demise)
  3. 7 light bulbs (the expensive, halogen, must be order from the internets kind, damn you previous owners)
  4. 1 microwave
  5. 3 stove burners
  6. 1 pair of glasses (child-sized).

At this rate, I figure I can probably afford to turn on the heat in March sometime…



  1. Yikes!!! I hope that things settle down a bit soon.

  2. Wow–I hope that’s the end of the list.

    How did you lose three stove burners and a microwave all in the same week?

  3. Looking for a silver lining here…. at least you had one burner left to cook on? 🙂 Hope this is the end of the “broken” list for quite some time, because you have definitely had more than your share!!

  4. Wow. That is one streak of bad luck. At this rate you might need to turn an appliance salesperson into your your best friend.

    I hope things quiet down. Soon.

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