Heat Update 10/20/08

I finally turned on the heat this morning.  And it smells funny, so I turned it off.  But then I remembered that I seem to think this every year.  It always smells funny the first time it kicks on for the season, right?  Because I really think I will lose it if there is something with the almost-brand-new furnace.  Plus, I am really, really cold.



  1. The smell is the dust burning off. It’ll go away. Turn the heat on. 😀

  2. It is just the dust. Ours always smells funny too.

  3. What is this “dust” you speak of? You mean you don’t vacuum your furnace filter at least once a week? We just had ours serviced. It kept shutting itself off. Because the filter was too, too filthy.

  4. Yeah, ours does the same thing. Hope you are nice and toasty now!!

  5. You’re crazy! We’ve had our heat on for a month now!

    My hub and I have compromised. We run the heater from 7-9 in the morning, then again from 5-8 at night. Until it gets really, really cold outside (below 20F, usually), we never get to the point where the temp in the house wakes us at night.

    I did put two sets of curtains on the windows in the kids’ rooms, and two blankets on their beds.

  6. Ours always smells funny the first time we use it too. One year, it smelled especially strange, and I went down to discover that we were roasting a dead mouse on top of the furnace.

  7. Congrats on crackin’ the heat vents open ;). We have had ours on for a bit now, but we are a little further North than you. It isn’t on all the time, but if it gets too cold thankfully it kicks in.

  8. It’s snowing here right now. Snowing….@#$*&@!!!!! I’m not sure I’ll ever be warm again. Sigh.

  9. looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  10. Ours came on over the weekend, and it smelled dusty/burny, too. It’s normal, but I still suspect I need to get our vents cleaned…. (I know the burners are good and the filters were just changed — I’m a bit uptight about furnace maintenance I’m afraid.)

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