Green Grass

I have spent the last several days trapped in the house with a sick child.  The first two days, despite the vomiting and pooping, were somewhat refreshing.  I had company while I puttered.  When I spoke out loud, there was actually someone there to listen.  I had a reason to stay in and bake bread.  When someone asked me to do something, I had a built in excuse to say no. By about 11pm last night, I was fairly confident that I knew why many of my friends had decided to have third children, and if permanent measures hadn’t already been taken, I probably would have started campaigning for a third.

Then, the sickness abated.  And today I was faced with a perfectly healthy child who no longer had any interest in the quiet pursuits of the past few days.  There was no snuggling and reading on the couch.  There was not a lazy morning spent in pajamas, watching PBS kids and checking email, but instead a repeating refrain of “What are we going to dooooo?????  I want to doooooo something!!!!”  By the time C arrived home and started whining about his choice of Halloween costume, and the unfairness of homework, I was unclear why I had ever thought that having children was a good idea.

I am glad that A is feeling better, for her sake.  I am also quite pleased to report that she should be returning to school tomorrow.  But I now also understand why the older parents I know reminisce about the days with young children at home, when I used to look at them with two heads.  Because for a few brief days, I had that time back again.

Yes indeed, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.



  1. I know what you mean. I love parenting older children, but when I see a mother with a very young child in tow, I get a bit wistful.

  2. I CANNOT believe I’m saying this, but I’ll actually miss Cade when he goes to school full-time. There was a day when I couldn’t wait for them to all be gone.

  3. Um yeah I am starting to count down to Evan’s first day of school. He is starting to drive me up the wall.

  4. But you will be able to go back to this time, if you are lucky enough to have grandchildren. You enjoy their company when you can be with them and enjoy the life you’ve created for yourself when they are with their parents! …and adult children are quite a gift, as well!

    I can’t wait to see you all this weekend!

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds contentment when a needy, sick child is in the house.

  6. I have a sick child at home, and she is deep into HP5 (2 hours yesterday, 2 hours today), plus there has been some skip-bo, and I am enjoying it tons.

    One of my other children, when sick, spends all day whining and pleading for me to entertain him. That is not so fun.

    These are the days when I think homeschooling sounds perfect, though.

  7. Sorry, you lost me at vomiting.

    We have all available digits crossed to avoid the stomach virus that has felled (so far) the mom and 2 year old sister of a friend/neighbor/carpool sharer/frequent playdater.

    A sick little one can lose some of that “edge,” surely. But what do you do with the well one?!

  8. I’m glad she’s feeling better. And I hope the virus doesn’t find a new victim in your house. It’s good that you both were able to make the best of things, but still, there’s no good time to get sick.

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