It just keeps getting funner

I got a phone call this afternoon from our pediatrician, who gleefully announced “Your daughter is the best thing that has happened to me since med school!  Every time she gets sick I learn something new!”  Apparently, A has somehow managed to get infected with a parasite that my pediatrician had never ever heard of, and this particular parasite only rates a one sentence mention in her very large book on infectious diseases.

On the upside, the two weeks of vomit and poop have been explained nicely.  On the downside, I now have to try and convince the child to take the most revolting medicine ever.  And it doesn’t come in a liquid formulation, so we have to crush tablets and try to hide them in food.  Today I promised her a toy-store worth of Barbies, and managed to get 1/2 a dose down her.  We have to give her three doses a day for ten days.  I will go bankrupt.

I would love to end this post in some witty way, but really, there is nothing witty about a mother who spent the afternoon the verge of a nervous breakdown and a small child with parasites living in her belly.  Plus, she worked herself up into such a state that she vomited all over my new(ish) shoes that I loved more than any pair I have ever owned.  They were green.  And suede.  And are now garbage.  Sigh.  Serves me right for trying to wear cute shoes.



  1. Oh, poor A! Poor you! Wish I lived closer; sounds like you need a break.

  2. poor baby! And poor A too!

  3. Good god. I think the very least you deserve is a nice pair of replacement shoes, to go along with the toy-store’s worth of Barbies.

    You have my deepest, most profound sympathy.

  4. Wow that is impressive for one so young. How did she acquire the parasite?

  5. Sometimes, the bald-faced truth of it is, parenting just sucks!

    Poor A, I hope she feels better soon. And you, too!

  6. No idea how she got it. The doctor says it is a fairly common one worldwide (according to her one sentence) but since she has never seen it, it is clearly not a common one here. Sigh. The idea of whole thing makes me squirm.

  7. Oh, and apparently ice cream with loads of chocolate sauce is the key to getting her to take her medicine. Although she hasn’t forgotten about the toy store worth of Barbies I promised yesterday either. And the trip to see High School Musical 3. Good God, is this child really mine?

  8. It has been ages since I left a comment, but rest assured I read each and every one of your posts. Now, please forgive me…butI will admit that I’ve had two reactions to your post: Awwww,poor A (and mom, too) and….BWAAAAHHHHAAAAAH. I won’t tell you which was the stronger reaction 😉

    Hang in there.

  9. I know I’ve heard “Don’t step on my blue suede shoes,” but I can’t recall “Don’t puke on my green suede shoes.”

    Sorry that you’ve got to force-feed her revolting junk. Here’s hoping you’re more successful than I ever was at that.

  10. Oh you poor guys! I am soo sorry about both A’s tummy and your shoes. What a mess, both literally and figuratively.

    If you need break (or even if you don’t), how ’bout we get together for a playdate sometime soon. I remember C asking if he could pick fruit at the farm this summer. We’re pretty much past picking time, but we could still play 🙂 E-mail me off-list when and if you get a free moment 🙂

    Hang in there!

  11. I am so sorry! I hope that the ice cream continues to work and that the meds do what they need to do to get her feeling better quickly.

    Oh, and a new pair of shoes is definitely called for! 😉

  12. Definitely you deserve new shoes!

    Sorry about the bug and the meds. Ugh.

  13. Oh no! I don’t know if I feel worse for the child, or the shoes!

    No, no, definitely the child. Although it’s gotta count for something, starring in your own private episode of ER. Right?

  14. Poor A, I hope she recovers quickly. And you too for that matter. Sorry about the shoes, hope you can find another pair.

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