I still haven’t decided whether I am doing NaBloPoMo this year, my guess would be no since I forgot it was even November until 9:30 tonight.  But, since I have always been a girl who likes to keep her options open, “Look!  A post!  That a-way!”  Huh.  You missed it.  Too bad.  There is always next time…

In all seriousness, it has been A WEEKEND.  Deserving of capital letters.  Apparently two weeks of confinement have taken their toll on A and I, and we spent the day alternating between crying and stoping our feet.  Except for the lovely two hour break while watching High School Musical 3.  In my critical opinion, it was the worst of the three movies, but the kids adored it so what do I know.



  1. My daughter said HSM3 WAS THE BEST! (Yeah, deserving of capital letters.) I am just grateful I didn’t have to take her.

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