We’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch here at Chez J-E.  Or, should I say that the kids are.  The whining had reached levels not generally seen until mid-January sometime, and the temper tantrums harken back to the 2-year old fits of yore.  As I write this, screams are eminating from the dining room where some serious tinkertoy building is taking place.  I am choosing to ignore it, as at least they aren’t screaming at me, but I am thinking that all I really want for Christmas is a pair of ear plugs.  You think I am kidding?  Not really.  Santa, take note.

I’m in uncharted waters in the parenting arena right now.  I have tried rewarding good behavior and ignoring the bad.  I have tried reasoning, punishing, walking away, screaming, nothing seems to work.  And I am so very, very tired of it all.  Tired of picking C up from school every day and having him scream at me because the sun is shining.  Tired of having A chuck her toys across the room when I ask her to clean up.  Tired of both children stomping their feet and throwing themselves on the ground when things don’t go their way.  Tired of trying to figure out what has changed to make them turn into these children I do not recognize.

I want my children back please.  If you see them, please tell them I miss them and then send them along home.



  1. It is tough to meet with opposition in all things with your kids. Hang in there!!!

  2. There must be something in the air, because my girls seem to have been replaced as of late, too! I hope, for both of our sakes, that they all come back soon. 🙂

  3. Oh, that sounds no.fun.at.all. Will keep my eyes peeled for your kids’ better attitudes. Hope they return soon.

  4. I hate that. So sorry.

  5. Hugs! We have days like that, and sometimes I sit back and realize that it’s been MY mood precipitating the behaviour. But I’m like that.

  6. Oh God, it isn’t just my kids?

    I swear, the bickering and the taunting are going to send me over the edge, any minute.

    I do worry from time to time about sleep deprivation, diet, or that I’m spending too much time knitting and not enough time playing, but at the end of the day — sheesh, how many games so I need to play or chapters do I need to read before I can expect them to Just Get Along Already?!

    I hadn’t even thought about how much worse it will be by January. {Shivers}

  7. Oh, what a heartrending post! Suddenly I feel terrible for what my siblings and I put my mother through.

  8. Global warming? Just a thought as we have reached a certain level of whining and ungratefulness here in our house too. Although today has turned out great (thanks to a playdate at a friends house) this morning he was on strike two of three strikes and you have to sit on a chair all afternoon and contemplate why you are behaving a certain way. It must just be something in the air. My heart goes out to you.

  9. I sympathize but am glad that it is not just my children that have gone missing. Do you think there is some place where the our good kids meet to hang out and laugh at us struggling with their alter egos?

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