Overheard while looking at pictures

A: “I LOVED my bouncy seat, didn’t I!”

Chichimama: “Um, why do you say that?”

A: “Because in all the pictures of me as a baby I am sitting in it!  I never wanted to get out of it, did i?”

Chichimama: “Um, yeah.  Something like that…”

About five minutes later…

A: “I wore my pajamas a lot when I was a baby, didn’t I.”

Chichimama: “Yep.  You sure did.”



  1. Lol!

  2. Someday she’ll understand…pajamas are the best best best!

  3. Yup, It’s amazing how second children just won’t change their clothes…

  4. We love pj’s too!

  5. So did you just use some program to advance her age in photos or did you really take pictures more than once a year?

    Them seconds and thirds…mine were lucky to have clean diapers.

  6. Now that is funny, very cute.

  7. Lol! That is absolutely priceless. Plus, it reminds me that I should either quit taking pictures or dress my children. 🙂

  8. Good ol’ second child syndrome! 🙂 Too funny.

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