Thanksgiving Traditions

Most folks have family traditions like writing down three things they are thankful for and reading them out loud before dinner, or eating sweet potato pie until they turn orange.  Here at Chez J-E, our tradition is that someone is always sick.  True to form, A woke up at 6am this morning complaining that her stomach hurt, and then proceeded to puke all over her bed (I am giving thanks right now for the fact that she didn’t puke all over me as I was lying next to her).

After our last bout with A and the puking, I am a bit panicked that she has somehow managed to get reinfected with the parasite, but keep telling myself that I KNOW that the stomach flu is going through town.  I guess only time will tell, but it is taking everything in my power to keep from running straight to the doctor’s and insisting on having her tested

While we will not be making our pilgramage into the city to see M’s sister today (or, at least the kids and I will not), it remains to be seen whether we will be able to head up the Eastern Seaboard tomorrow for my family’s Day after Thanksgiving Feast.  And I have to say, if we don’t have to take any of the roads to hell,  I won’t shed too many tears.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!



  1. Honestly, sometimes the best holidays are the quiet ones at home — even if someone is sick. I hope A has nothing serious and feels better soon! Amber had the 12-hour flu yesterday, and Julia had no appetite today, but thankfully it hasn’t been anything serious. Let’s hope A’s is the same!

  2. Hope A is much better today!!

  3. I hope that she’s much better today, and that you somehow had a Happy Thanksgiving despite the illness.

  4. That’s a tradition that’s meant to be broken!

    Hope A is feeling better–and no one else has the bug!

  5. I sure hope A is feeling better and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving despite the stomach bug.

  6. that you’re stuck in the car now suggests better health reigns–I hope all the festivities turned out OK.

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