New Years 08 by the Numbers

I found it so helpful to look back at last years post when planning for this year’s party, so I will subject you all to my New Years planning list again!  Please feel free to ignore!

  • 40 36 adults, 30 kids.  Three Two One undecided familiesFive Three non-RSVPer’s.  Boo on you non-RSVPers.
  • 70 biggish water bottles, 40 kid sized ones.  15 liters of seltzer.  32 diet cokes, 32 caffeine free diets, 12 regular cokes, 12 ginger ales.  40 small juice boxes.
  • Ten 15 bags of ice, four three tupperware tubs.
  • Five Three folding tables (four two large, one card).
  • 1 case white wine, 1 case red wine, 2 1 case Corona, 1 case Amstel Light.  Random “nice beer.”
  • 30 dinner rolls, 32 sandwich rolls (which will be cut in 1/2).  One large jar of mustard, one jar of mayo.
  • 80 pigs in blankets, 60 mini-quiches, 30 scallops wrapped in bacon.
  • 1 large bag pita chips, 1 large bag tortilla chips, 1 large bag pretzel thins.
  • Three things of guacamole, two of salsa, one of hummus.
  • 1 small crockpot with spinach and artichoke dip.
  • 1 veggie and dip platter.
  • 1 Honey-Baked Ham
  • 40 slices Swiss cheese, 32 slices cheddar cheese.
  • 2 trays vegetarian baked ziti (maybe three, what do you think?)
  • 1 large crockpot with crockpot horseradish scalloped potatoes
  • Three Four people bringing appetizers
  • Five Four people bringing desserts
  • 1 person bringing green salad
  • 160 (compostable) paper plates and napkins.
  • 3 lbs macaroons, 1 apple pie, 1 carrot cake
  • 1 bag pretzels, two bags Pirate Booty

Menu Week of 12/29/08

I must start menu planning again.  For my sanity and my budget.

Monday – Crockpot Clam Chowder

Tuesday-Homemade pizza

Wednesday -New Years Party (40 adults, 40 children. Yikes!)

Thursday – Leftovers


Saturday-Ham Quiche

Sunday-Vegetable Soup (From the freezer)

Happy Merry Joy Joy

  • The holiday spirit got lost this year, somewhere between Target and the grocery store about a week and a half ago.
  • The season seems to have gotten away from me, much like the cats bolt out the door if it gets opened even a sliver.
  • Next year I think I need many more lists.
  • And I need to start making those list in October sometime.  Right after I get through the back to school nonsense.
  • Don’t ever go to Trader Joe’s at 8pm on December 23rd.  Not only will it be totally picked over, there will also be a bunch of shell-shocked zombies wandering around clutching lists and muttering cryptically to themselves.  It took the sheer fear of having to face a grocery store on December 24th with two children in tow to keep me there long enough to buy enough random items that will hopefully become a meal tomorrow night.
  • Wishing you and yours a very merry holiday, whatever it is you are celebrating.
  • Me?  I’m celebrating the fact that I don’t have to pack lunches for a whopping ten days.  That is deserving of its very own holiday, I’m quite convinced.

Random Bullets of Holiday Madness

  • My cards are sent, all of them, even the “I know they moved but I can’t find the change of address card” ones.
  • All the presents are bought (but not wrapped), except for perhaps some extra “grownup” stocking stuffers.
  • The kids are beyond excited about the impending arrival of the big guy in red.  I finally threw my hands up in the air last night and told them that as long as they didn’t come downstairs anymore, I really didn’t care what they did in their rooms.  They went to bed at 9:30.  Gah.
  • C came home from school rather worked up over an “awful story” he heard, that parents sneak downstairs after the kids go to bed and fill the stockings.  I was totally right when I told M this was our last Christmas with children who believe.  Because you know once C figures it out for sure, he is telling A, those two can’t keep a secret from each other for more than 30 seconds.
  • C seems to be coming out of whatever really awful stage he was in for the better part of the last year, knock on wood.  In general, he is now a rather lovely person to be around.  Even when he loses it, he can generally recover in a few minutes rather than a few hours.
  • A, however, seems to be entering the horrible stage C just left.  Tis the problem with having them so close together I suppose.
  • Her current behavior had NOTHING to do with our recent decision to send her to full-day private kindergarten, however.  I swear.
  • It is 7 am and both children are still fast asleep.  The upside of a 9:30 bedtime, I suppose.
  • We are supposed to get a rather impressive snow and ice store today.  I really didn’t believe the weather folks earlier in the week, and am therefore totally not prepared for such an event.  However, I also don’t feel like facing the crowds at the grocery store.  So I am going with “there is nothing wrong with surviving on Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for a few days” approach to disaster preparedness.
  • I don’t, however, have enough yarn to last me the weekend, so I may need to swing by the yarn shop, just in case.  I am starting to understand why my mother had an EXTRA ROOM built onto her house, just to store the yarn and related supplies.
  • In my grand renovation (that I will still be dreaming about 10 years from now), I am expanding our guest room for just such a reason to make room for a desk and file cabinet.
  • Must go make lunches now, as it looks like school is indeed on.  Also, must remember to bring my cell phone will me so I will know when they send the kids home early.

Overheard from the Basement

A: “Mom!  The fairy princes are coming over!  Distract them at the door while we finish cleaning up the house!”


(About that knit-a-long, am frantically knitting for Christmas.  Can we regroup after the holidays?”

Knit-a-long 2

There has been a request from the peanut gallery (kidding, hee hee) for another knit-a-long.  I’m absolutely up for it, so if you want to KAL again (or join for the first time!), post a comment and give an indication of what you would be up for taking on this go round.  (Has anyone seen the ruffle scarf pattern from Cosmic Pluto?  I just bought yarn for that one!)