Knit-a-long 2

There has been a request from the peanut gallery (kidding, hee hee) for another knit-a-long.  I’m absolutely up for it, so if you want to KAL again (or join for the first time!), post a comment and give an indication of what you would be up for taking on this go round.  (Has anyone seen the ruffle scarf pattern from Cosmic Pluto?  I just bought yarn for that one!)



  1. We could do a scarf KAL. We each pick a scarf pattern and go for it, posting pictures along the way. I have one that is barely started and it would be fun motivation to get going. I have been having a hard time with knitting motivation.

  2. Scarves are fine by me. I could print out the patterns for a few and leave them for the spouse, so the children would know what kind of yarn (and how much) to tuck beneath the tree….

    I’m happy to be the peanut gallery, btw.

  3. I would love to join in :). I still have two hats left for Christmas, but they should be done in a couple of days. A scarf would be wonderful, I haven’t done one yet.

  4. Count me in, too. I’m definitely up for a scarf or any other small project 🙂

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