Overheard from the Basement

A: “Mom!  The fairy princes are coming over!  Distract them at the door while we finish cleaning up the house!”


(About that knit-a-long, am frantically knitting for Christmas.  Can we regroup after the holidays?”



  1. Will she come clean up my house?

  2. Hell yes on the KAL.

    (Will there be Ravelry photos of the Christmas knitting?!)

  3. That would be awesome since I am piled up with stuff too. I was realistic and did not knit anything for anyone for Christmas.

  4. Oh yeah, if I start anything new right now my head might explode. Let’s wait until January.

    So were you able to hold off the fairy princes???

  5. Perfect both with your cleaning Lady and the KAL 🙂

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