Random Bullets of Holiday Madness

  • My cards are sent, all of them, even the “I know they moved but I can’t find the change of address card” ones.
  • All the presents are bought (but not wrapped), except for perhaps some extra “grownup” stocking stuffers.
  • The kids are beyond excited about the impending arrival of the big guy in red.  I finally threw my hands up in the air last night and told them that as long as they didn’t come downstairs anymore, I really didn’t care what they did in their rooms.  They went to bed at 9:30.  Gah.
  • C came home from school rather worked up over an “awful story” he heard, that parents sneak downstairs after the kids go to bed and fill the stockings.  I was totally right when I told M this was our last Christmas with children who believe.  Because you know once C figures it out for sure, he is telling A, those two can’t keep a secret from each other for more than 30 seconds.
  • C seems to be coming out of whatever really awful stage he was in for the better part of the last year, knock on wood.  In general, he is now a rather lovely person to be around.  Even when he loses it, he can generally recover in a few minutes rather than a few hours.
  • A, however, seems to be entering the horrible stage C just left.  Tis the problem with having them so close together I suppose.
  • Her current behavior had NOTHING to do with our recent decision to send her to full-day private kindergarten, however.  I swear.
  • It is 7 am and both children are still fast asleep.  The upside of a 9:30 bedtime, I suppose.
  • We are supposed to get a rather impressive snow and ice store today.  I really didn’t believe the weather folks earlier in the week, and am therefore totally not prepared for such an event.  However, I also don’t feel like facing the crowds at the grocery store.  So I am going with “there is nothing wrong with surviving on Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for a few days” approach to disaster preparedness.
  • I don’t, however, have enough yarn to last me the weekend, so I may need to swing by the yarn shop, just in case.  I am starting to understand why my mother had an EXTRA ROOM built onto her house, just to store the yarn and related supplies.
  • In my grand renovation (that I will still be dreaming about 10 years from now), I am expanding our guest room for just such a reason to make room for a desk and file cabinet.
  • Must go make lunches now, as it looks like school is indeed on.  Also, must remember to bring my cell phone will me so I will know when they send the kids home early.


  1. ’tis the season to go crazy! Glad it’s not just me – the snow storm has started here, and I HAVE to go out in it, and we’re out of milk. Damn.

  2. I am glad that I’m not the only one who hasn’t wrapped any presents yet! I am, thankfully, done with my shopping as well. Whew! Good luck with the snow/ice storm.

  3. I think the extra yarn is a much more important emergency supply for you than food. We’re talking your sanity here, right?

  4. Definitely, absolutely, do not get snowed in without enough yarn to keep you occupied!

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