New Years 08 by the Numbers

I found it so helpful to look back at last years post when planning for this year’s party, so I will subject you all to my New Years planning list again!  Please feel free to ignore!

  • 40 36 adults, 30 kids.  Three Two One undecided familiesFive Three non-RSVPer’s.  Boo on you non-RSVPers.
  • 70 biggish water bottles, 40 kid sized ones.  15 liters of seltzer.  32 diet cokes, 32 caffeine free diets, 12 regular cokes, 12 ginger ales.  40 small juice boxes.
  • Ten 15 bags of ice, four three tupperware tubs.
  • Five Three folding tables (four two large, one card).
  • 1 case white wine, 1 case red wine, 2 1 case Corona, 1 case Amstel Light.  Random “nice beer.”
  • 30 dinner rolls, 32 sandwich rolls (which will be cut in 1/2).  One large jar of mustard, one jar of mayo.
  • 80 pigs in blankets, 60 mini-quiches, 30 scallops wrapped in bacon.
  • 1 large bag pita chips, 1 large bag tortilla chips, 1 large bag pretzel thins.
  • Three things of guacamole, two of salsa, one of hummus.
  • 1 small crockpot with spinach and artichoke dip.
  • 1 veggie and dip platter.
  • 1 Honey-Baked Ham
  • 40 slices Swiss cheese, 32 slices cheddar cheese.
  • 2 trays vegetarian baked ziti (maybe three, what do you think?)
  • 1 large crockpot with crockpot horseradish scalloped potatoes
  • Three Four people bringing appetizers
  • Five Four people bringing desserts
  • 1 person bringing green salad
  • 160 (compostable) paper plates and napkins.
  • 3 lbs macaroons, 1 apple pie, 1 carrot cake
  • 1 bag pretzels, two bags Pirate Booty


  1. …and a partridge in a pear tree…!

  2. 35 kids in your house? You are a braver women than I am! BTW, thanks for the nice comments on my appearance – I really appreciate it!

  3. Can I come 😉 ?

    It sounds like you are ready, nothing else but a day for you at the Spa on Saturday perhaps…

  4. Hope it was a great party!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Mmmmmm, sounds delicious. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it, but we’re looking forward to next year (and hopefully some playdates in between). I hope you had a fun time and are enjoying the last few days before mandatory Regular Life Schedule comes back 🙂

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