As Chez Chichimama Turns

  • A has had every single illness that has come down the pike this year.  As I told the pediatrician yesterday, I really think the child has missed more school than she has attended.
  • I sent her to school on Thursday after dosing her with Motrin because she was complaining of a headache.  Turns out, the child had strep.  Bad, bad Chichimama.  In my defense, she complains of headaches on a fairly regular basis, and she never mentioned a sore throat at all until she spiked a fever at 5pm (probably about when the Mortin wore off).
  • At least this one is easily cured by antibiotics.  And apparently 6 children in her class were felled by strep this week, so she wasn’t patient zero.  But still…
  • M is off on some fishing junket in North Carolina this weekend, which just baffles me.  He claims that going out on the ocean and getting sopping wet in January is “fun.”  I don’t see it at all.  Do you?  He claims it is a guy thing, but I asked a lot of guys yesterday, and very few of them thought fishing in January was a good idea.  July?  Yes.  January, no.  But hey, if that’s how he wants to spend his weekend, more power to him.  May he catch a tuna so at least it is free.
  • Today is the day of the big sale at one of my LYS.  I have been prepping the kids for days on proper behavior at a big yarn sale, and have offered up lunch out upon a successful trip.  I have all the yarns I want already mapped out, in exact quantities and colors, and am hoping we can make it in and out of there without dismantling a display.
  • I had debated hiring a sitter, and then realized that the money I was saving by buying yarn on sale would be lost after I paid the sitter.
  • In case you are wondering what proper behavior at a big yarn sale is for a four year old and a six year old, it is (in this order): Stay close to mommy.  Do not touch ANYTHING or ANYONE.  Do not whine, cry, or beg for your own yarn or buttons.  Do not roll your eyes and ask how much longer this will take.  Any other suggestions?
  • I’m hoping that my plan of arriving three hours after the start of the sale will lead to a lessening of the crowds, but still enough merchandise left to buy what I need.  We will see.  Last year I arrived when it opened and it was a ZOO.  I learned quickly that you don’t get in the way of a knitter and 50% off yarn.  Especially if she is planning on knitting a blanket out of alpaca or cashmere.
  • We are having the downstairs of our house repainted.  I like most of the color choices, but am having serious issues with the kitchen area.  The color that I finally had him put up on the walls (rust) makes a pretty big statement, and at first blush looks lovely, but I’m a bit afraid that six months from now I am going to be repainting it myself.  At least all the prep work will be done.
  • I am cold.  Very, very cold.  And I am not going to admit how many times I have creeped the heat up to a number I generally don’t believe in this week.
  • My laptop died a few weeks ago, and I got the disappointing news that it is not coming back yesterday.  And a new MacBook is out of the financial question right now, so I have been relegated to working on M’s computer while he is at work.  Which is fine, except I do most of my computing in the evenings once the kids are in bed, which is generally when he needs the computer to finish up his work for the day.  M is going to try to revive an old laptop from his office for my use, so keep your fingers crossed.
  • And with that, I am off to round up the troops for our yarn store adventure.

It’s up!

I set up a group on Ravelry for the KAL, I tried to send everyone who’s user ID’s I knew a message with the link, if you didn’t get it or you have changed your mind and would like to join, either PM me on Ravelry (chichimama) or email me and I’ll set you up!

Also, we need a badge.  I am not a crafty person when it comes to such things, if someone feels like taking that on you would be a goddess in my book…

I won’t get around to posting anything until tomorrow sometime, am in the middle of a massive project that will culminate in a presentation tonight, at which point I can turn back to the important things in life :-).

The Mittens it is.

OK, the mittens are a go (Sorry Awesome Mom).  I will set something up, probably on Ravelry.  If you want to join in and I don’t already know your Ravelry handle, email me and let me know what it is so I can invite you to join the group!

I am headed to see my little sis tomorrow with knitting in tow, but no laptop as mine s still dead.  I’ll get everything up and running on Monday when I get back…

Overheard while paying bills

Chichimama: ” I don’t understand!  Our gas usage was higher this year than last, but the average outside temp is the same and I am keeping the temperature lower!”

M: “I am sick of being cold!  I turn the heat up when you aren’t looking.”

Chichimama: “Ah.  Then this is all on your head.”

M: “I am fine with that.”

Some alternatives

OK, so here are some alternatives to the mittens. A decision needs to be made in the next week or so, as my LYS is about to have their once a year sale and I would like to buy some really yummy yarn (because this is all about MY wallet, you know 😉 )

Another bag, but totally different. 

A neckwarmer  (scroll down, you’ll see it.  This is pretty basic, but looks rather useful)

A more complicated neckwarmer (you have to be on ravelry to see this one)  

And, a pair of socks, for my sock happy friends :-).  These look like they would take FOREVER, but what do I know about socks? 

OK, so the original mittens and these patterns are in play.  You have 48 hours to vote or throw another pattern into the mix.  On your mark, get set, vote!

Knit-a-long 2, Start your needles!

OK folks, are you ready?  I have a suggestion for a pattern…this one!  The Bella Mittens!  Not that I saw the movie, but they look so cool, and so warm.  And my hands, they are cold.  Plus, I have only done cables once in my knitting career, and am starting to feel like I need to get better at them.

Any takers?  Or should we keep looking?  Also, is everyone interested in joining on Ravelry?  If so, we can host it over there, otherwise the Knit-A-Long Blog from last time is still up (and Jody finished her bag!  Go see!  It’s so pretty!).

Menu, week of 1/4/09

Better late than never…

Sunday: Cheesy Chicken Casserole (Everyone ate it!  There were no tears!  A small victory!)

Monday: Tofu and Kale Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Quiche

Thursday: Spicy Black Bean and Corn Casserole (crockpot)

Friday: Leftovers (or takout 🙂 )

A return to the mundane

Life around here is hopefully on track to be pretty boring for the foreseeable future.  The Christmas tree is down (although the needles are still all over the place), and the chaos from New Years is almost all cleaned up.  The kids head back to school on Monday (Thank GOD) and I am moving along on M’s holiday sweater.  (Yes, I know, the holidays are over.  It was a rather anti-climatic holiday gift, but I had invested enough time into it that I had to show it to him to make sure it fit before I went any further.  Now that I know it fits, I can finish it up and move onto something smaller.  Perhaps some socks.)

C spends his day moping around declaring himself “the most BORED kid EVER” and A continues to entertain herself with a neverending stream of imaginary friends who seem to stop in on there way to more exotic locals such as Disney World, London, or the diner.  Or, they roll around on the floor wrestling until one of them invariably gets hurt, at which point the injured party comes running to tattle and then becomes irate when I refuse to show any sympathy.

Mundane is good.  I hope it stays this way.

New Years Wrap Up

  • There were too many people in my  house.  Not that they didn’t all fit, but yeah.  There were too many people.  Somehow I have to figure out how to scale it back.  Which will be hard, as M pointed out because all these people now expect to be invited.  And I am not so good about disappointing people.  Ideas?  Anyone?
  • Next year we need 5 cases of beer and 1 of wine.  A six-pack of regular coke and sprite should be fine.  Seltzer and water amount seemed fine.  1/2 the number of rolls, get a large 1/2 a ham instead of a small full one.  2 things of baked ziti are fine, and don’t double the potato recipe.  Don’t bake dessert as all the people who didn’t offer to bring anything brought dessert anyway.  The appetizer amount seemed pretty good this year.
  • But all of these comments are somewhat irrelevant because I am not serving a full meal next year.  I think it is time to move to a later “dessert and cocktails” party, for my own sanity if nothing else.  I have multiple panic attacks during the party, and that doesn’t make for a very fun New Years.
  • Next year I think I will move M’s little TV down into the basement and put on a movie for the kids.  C got dropped on his head during all the rough housing, and A wandered around for the most of the night wrapped up in her pink blanket because “They are too wild and my blanket will keep me safe.”
  • I still haven’t faced the basement yet.  God knows how many broken toys are down there.  On the upside, it should be an easy way to clear out some toys.  I deliberately left out all the stuff that I wouldn’t be sad to see go…
  • Happy New Year everyone!!!!