New Years Wrap Up

  • There were too many people in my  house.  Not that they didn’t all fit, but yeah.  There were too many people.  Somehow I have to figure out how to scale it back.  Which will be hard, as M pointed out because all these people now expect to be invited.  And I am not so good about disappointing people.  Ideas?  Anyone?
  • Next year we need 5 cases of beer and 1 of wine.  A six-pack of regular coke and sprite should be fine.  Seltzer and water amount seemed fine.  1/2 the number of rolls, get a large 1/2 a ham instead of a small full one.  2 things of baked ziti are fine, and don’t double the potato recipe.  Don’t bake dessert as all the people who didn’t offer to bring anything brought dessert anyway.  The appetizer amount seemed pretty good this year.
  • But all of these comments are somewhat irrelevant because I am not serving a full meal next year.  I think it is time to move to a later “dessert and cocktails” party, for my own sanity if nothing else.  I have multiple panic attacks during the party, and that doesn’t make for a very fun New Years.
  • Next year I think I will move M’s little TV down into the basement and put on a movie for the kids.  C got dropped on his head during all the rough housing, and A wandered around for the most of the night wrapped up in her pink blanket because “They are too wild and my blanket will keep me safe.”
  • I still haven’t faced the basement yet.  God knows how many broken toys are down there.  On the upside, it should be an easy way to clear out some toys.  I deliberately left out all the stuff that I wouldn’t be sad to see go…
  • Happy New Year everyone!!!!


  1. Here’s an idea: make it an “intimate affair” of only your closest friends, like 6 couples or so. That way, so many people won’t be invited that they can’t take it personally. (Besides, I think fewer people will be “let down” than you suspect.) And if they ask, just be honest and say you were overwhelmed and can’t do it that big every year.

  2. P.S., I think dessert and cocktails is the perfect idea, anyway. Way less stress, and I don’t think people expect to be fed at 8:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve anyway.

    Or do it potluck style. Less classy, I suppose, but it works for our circle.

  3. We’ve done potluck up until this year, it was equally hard, and we had way too much food!

    The problem we run into in limiting it is that we don’t really have a “core” group of really close couple friends. We have Rebecca and her family, and then everyone else is pretty much on the same “casual friends” plane. But yes, that is probably what we will do. Although then it means I have to entertain everyone else at other points during the year, the one nice thing about the big bash is that I get all of my hosting obligations out of the way in one fell swoop…

  4. You are a far braver person than I! I flunk at “entertaining.”

    Sounds like a great party, but sorry you still have to face the basement!

  5. Can you maybe just throw a match down the basement stairs? I sometimes wish I could do that….

  6. You are still my hero.

    I have been to a few parties that, not quite as big, still get crazy with the kids. My son himself has wandered our house in tears because other kids were trashing his carefully organized toys.

    If you don’t scale back next year, I would totally agree that appetizers and desserts would be the way to go. All these people should not expect you to put on this big show every year, they have all been there, they should understand.

    As for the basement. Shame on the parents for not getting the kids to do a 10 second (or minute) tidy before leaving. Every time I go to a party with kids, I head down when the first person says they may be ready to leave in ten or fifteen minutes. And get all the kids to do a 10 second tidy. I count (very slowly) to ten and they have to pick it all up. Not everything goes in the right place, but it usually is much easier than leaving it all askew for the kids or parents to deal with it the next day. I sometimes do a 10 thing pick up too. The younger ones resist the least, by the way ;).

    Happy New Year you brave, brave woman.

  7. You are awesome for even having a party. I always thought I would have more parties when we had a house, but we have not had a single one. I am just too lazy to go through all that preparation.

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