A return to the mundane

Life around here is hopefully on track to be pretty boring for the foreseeable future.  The Christmas tree is down (although the needles are still all over the place), and the chaos from New Years is almost all cleaned up.  The kids head back to school on Monday (Thank GOD) and I am moving along on M’s holiday sweater.  (Yes, I know, the holidays are over.  It was a rather anti-climatic holiday gift, but I had invested enough time into it that I had to show it to him to make sure it fit before I went any further.  Now that I know it fits, I can finish it up and move onto something smaller.  Perhaps some socks.)

C spends his day moping around declaring himself “the most BORED kid EVER” and A continues to entertain herself with a neverending stream of imaginary friends who seem to stop in on there way to more exotic locals such as Disney World, London, or the diner.  Or, they roll around on the floor wrestling until one of them invariably gets hurt, at which point the injured party comes running to tattle and then becomes irate when I refuse to show any sympathy.

Mundane is good.  I hope it stays this way.



  1. Should we go for virtual coffee together on Monday and breathe a huge sigh of relief? Say 11:30 (after music class, beginning of naptime)?

  2. Mundane is wonderful. I can’t wait for school to start again on Tuesday.

  3. Here’s to the mundane!

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