Knit-a-long 2, Start your needles!

OK folks, are you ready?  I have a suggestion for a pattern…this one!  The Bella Mittens!  Not that I saw the movie, but they look so cool, and so warm.  And my hands, they are cold.  Plus, I have only done cables once in my knitting career, and am starting to feel like I need to get better at them.

Any takers?  Or should we keep looking?  Also, is everyone interested in joining on Ravelry?  If so, we can host it over there, otherwise the Knit-A-Long Blog from last time is still up (and Jody finished her bag!  Go see!  It’s so pretty!).



  1. I want to like the pattern and not be a non constructive complainer but I am just not feeling any love for that pattern. However, if everyone else wants to do it I will. It looks like a fast knit and I have never made mittens before so that should be fun and challenging.

  2. I will join in because I love to knit with others and well you got me going last year… The mittens are fine, but I would be up for any knitting challenge. And I don’t mind Ravelry either.

  3. If folks aren’t into the mittens, I am totally fine doing something else, feel free to throw other patterns into the mix! I’ll be knitting the mittens regardless, but the more knitting I have lined up the happier I am! Would people rather do socks? Hats? Scarves? A big old project like a stole or sweater?

  4. I think those mittens are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. I wish I could knit well enough to join you all. The mittens are cute! Can’t wait to see your finished product.

  6. I’m game for the mittens. I’m always happy to have someone else just tell me, “knit this.” I could spend days trying to choose something new on Ravelry….

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