Some alternatives

OK, so here are some alternatives to the mittens. A decision needs to be made in the next week or so, as my LYS is about to have their once a year sale and I would like to buy some really yummy yarn (because this is all about MY wallet, you know 😉 )

Another bag, but totally different. 

A neckwarmer  (scroll down, you’ll see it.  This is pretty basic, but looks rather useful)

A more complicated neckwarmer (you have to be on ravelry to see this one)  

And, a pair of socks, for my sock happy friends :-).  These look like they would take FOREVER, but what do I know about socks? 

OK, so the original mittens and these patterns are in play.  You have 48 hours to vote or throw another pattern into the mix.  On your mark, get set, vote!



  1. I can’t knit, but I think those socks are awesome! (Not a lot of help, am I? 🙂 )

  2. I vote for the mittens.

  3. Heh I made those socks and I loved the pattern!!! If I could find the right yarn I would love to make another pair, this time for me to keep. The pattern is very memorable so that you are able to use it as a take along project with no worries.

  4. I am not much help either. I am in the midst of a charity knitting project and knitting a dress for my granddaughter, so I can’t possibly add another knit along. I love the bag, the sicks and the mittens…oh my!

  5. I think you’re way out of my league with the socks. Maybe I could handle the mittens or the bag but I’m guessing I’m out on the socks.

  6. Ooo, I was planning to make those socks at some point. But I’ve got too many projects in the queue right now to start something else.

  7. First choice, mitts. Second, neck warmer.

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