Overheard while paying bills

Chichimama: ” I don’t understand!  Our gas usage was higher this year than last, but the average outside temp is the same and I am keeping the temperature lower!”

M: “I am sick of being cold!  I turn the heat up when you aren’t looking.”

Chichimama: “Ah.  Then this is all on your head.”

M: “I am fine with that.”



  1. I also grow weary of the thermostat battle. I turn it down, and Jeff turns it up. Then I “sneak” downstairs at night to turn it even lower while we sleep.

    When will spring arrive?

  2. You husband sounds like a very reasonable kind of man. LOL

  3. Typical. It’s minus 25 C today, and I am sick SICK SICK of this effing winter.

  4. I’m fine with it, too. Because seriously? If the planet depends on people’s willingness to sacrifice, and not a collective commitment to clean energy, we might manage to save … nothin’.

    I’m not saying we can’t alter consumption habits, but cold houses might be a sacrifice too far for a big honkin’ majority.

    Or maybe I just want my fingers not to freeze while I’m typing.

  5. Oh yeah — if it’s a household-budget thing, I wish you luck. I’d be sneaking the thermostat up, too.

  6. I am pretty good until it gets below freezing outside and then the house is unbearable at 68 and I have to sneak it up to 70. We need new windows bad.

  7. Convince him it is more ecosensitive to insulate properly and replace the windows and then maintain one decent temperature or ask him for cashmere socks. They’re really warm!

  8. Hey, as long as he accepts the responsibility, I’d just be grateful for warmer toes.

  9. We’ve had that Exact. Same. conversation in this house!

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