As Chez Chichimama Turns

  • A has had every single illness that has come down the pike this year.  As I told the pediatrician yesterday, I really think the child has missed more school than she has attended.
  • I sent her to school on Thursday after dosing her with Motrin because she was complaining of a headache.  Turns out, the child had strep.  Bad, bad Chichimama.  In my defense, she complains of headaches on a fairly regular basis, and she never mentioned a sore throat at all until she spiked a fever at 5pm (probably about when the Mortin wore off).
  • At least this one is easily cured by antibiotics.  And apparently 6 children in her class were felled by strep this week, so she wasn’t patient zero.  But still…
  • M is off on some fishing junket in North Carolina this weekend, which just baffles me.  He claims that going out on the ocean and getting sopping wet in January is “fun.”  I don’t see it at all.  Do you?  He claims it is a guy thing, but I asked a lot of guys yesterday, and very few of them thought fishing in January was a good idea.  July?  Yes.  January, no.  But hey, if that’s how he wants to spend his weekend, more power to him.  May he catch a tuna so at least it is free.
  • Today is the day of the big sale at one of my LYS.  I have been prepping the kids for days on proper behavior at a big yarn sale, and have offered up lunch out upon a successful trip.  I have all the yarns I want already mapped out, in exact quantities and colors, and am hoping we can make it in and out of there without dismantling a display.
  • I had debated hiring a sitter, and then realized that the money I was saving by buying yarn on sale would be lost after I paid the sitter.
  • In case you are wondering what proper behavior at a big yarn sale is for a four year old and a six year old, it is (in this order): Stay close to mommy.  Do not touch ANYTHING or ANYONE.  Do not whine, cry, or beg for your own yarn or buttons.  Do not roll your eyes and ask how much longer this will take.  Any other suggestions?
  • I’m hoping that my plan of arriving three hours after the start of the sale will lead to a lessening of the crowds, but still enough merchandise left to buy what I need.  We will see.  Last year I arrived when it opened and it was a ZOO.  I learned quickly that you don’t get in the way of a knitter and 50% off yarn.  Especially if she is planning on knitting a blanket out of alpaca or cashmere.
  • We are having the downstairs of our house repainted.  I like most of the color choices, but am having serious issues with the kitchen area.  The color that I finally had him put up on the walls (rust) makes a pretty big statement, and at first blush looks lovely, but I’m a bit afraid that six months from now I am going to be repainting it myself.  At least all the prep work will be done.
  • I am cold.  Very, very cold.  And I am not going to admit how many times I have creeped the heat up to a number I generally don’t believe in this week.
  • My laptop died a few weeks ago, and I got the disappointing news that it is not coming back yesterday.  And a new MacBook is out of the financial question right now, so I have been relegated to working on M’s computer while he is at work.  Which is fine, except I do most of my computing in the evenings once the kids are in bed, which is generally when he needs the computer to finish up his work for the day.  M is going to try to revive an old laptop from his office for my use, so keep your fingers crossed.
  • And with that, I am off to round up the troops for our yarn store adventure.


  1. May your yarn adventure be successful and topped off with a good-behavior lunch.

  2. My closest LYS is having a sale tomorrow. I am SO not taking the kids. Lucky for me, my husband is not a fan of fishing in January. (Also lucky for me, it is not baseball season.)

  3. I’m stuck using Hubs computer too. Which sucks because he hogs it.

  4. Good luck with the yarn sale! I took Evan to the yarn store once and after that swore to never ever take a kid into a yarn store again. Yarn shopping should be fun and having to keep a hawk eye on a kid that loved to touch everything makes yarn shopping not fun.

  5. I feel for A. Liam woke up this morning, swallowed once, and clutched his throat. Yeah, I’m home with a sick kid, too.

    I hope you find some yarn that you want – I’d love to buy some really nice soft fluffy something to make a sweater for me, but it’s not in the budget this month, and it’s not like I don’t have two unfinished (and in the case of the KAL mittens, barely started) projects hanging around and begging for attention.

    I have a fishing in January question —if he catches that tuna, how does he get it back home??? (And no, I don’t think fishing in the cold Atlantic is really an appealing activity.)

  6. How was it?!

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