A question for the masses

So I have been put in charge of cake for my grandmother’s 97th birthday bash.  It is supposed to snow on Saturday.  The party is at 11:00am, about 3 hours from my house.  Do I a) bake the cakes on Friday, thereby guaranteeing that it snows and I am stuck with enough cake for 25 people in my house, or do I b) wait until 5am Saturday morning to bake the cakes, knowing that if I don’t make them ahead of time the reports of snow will be proven false?

Bonus question: How badly am I cheating if I make the cakes from a box and the frosting from scratch, thereby convincing my extended family that I in fact made the whole thing from scratch?  Because we all know it is all about the frosting…



  1. Bake cake Friday and freeze if necessary.
    Shit, is it really supposed to snow? (Then again, we were spared over President’s Day, which is when I expect it.)

  2. It is all about the frosting. I have made cakes from scratch and the box and can’t really tell much difference, the frosting on the other hand is very obvious in it’s flavor difference.

  3. Bake the cakes Friday. We will be happy to help you eat them when your trip gets snowed out. 🙂

    (I have never made a from-scratch cake, so I am probably the wrong person to answer the bonus question. It seems to me that if Betty Crocker’s already worked so hard, who am I to deny her a sale?)

  4. I say bake it and freeze it if it snows. And yes, boxed is fine, just do up a nice icing and all will be well. Of course if they read your blog, they will know the truth ;).

  5. What if you lose power on Saturday morning because of the snow. Better to bake ahead of time and freeze if necessary. Boxed cake tastes good – go for it!

  6. Bake ahead, and freeze it.

    All the attention is going to be on your grandmother: make the cake from a mix if you want to!

  7. Hey, if it was me, I ‘d be picking it up at the bakery on the way out of town….:)

  8. Bake the cakes at home but do not frost them. Assemble the cake at your destination. It’s easier to freeze unfrosted cake. Mix cakes taste better if you add a little touch of your own such as a little instant coffee powder to chocolate or a little grated orange peel to vanilla. Then you are not lying when people ask if you used a mix. You can deny it because you didn’t-exactly.

  9. I hope you baked them on Friday.

    Have you ever read the Cake Doctor’s cookbooks? She actually says that everyone should use box mixes, so long as they make their own frosting….

  10. I hope the birthday party was great! I bet your Grandma rocks at 97!! I second the Cake Doctor – I have one of her books, and make the various bar cookies from cake mixes all the time. (If you are feeling guilty about the processed/junk foodish aspect of Betty Crocker/Duncan Hines, you can get one of the natural mixes at Trader Joe’s and tweak the recipes to reduce sugar, throw in some oatmeal or wheat germ, etc., to make them more nutritious.)

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