Random Bullets of…Yeah. Whatever.

  • It was book fair week at C’s school this week.  I spent 5-6 hours a day hanging out in the school library trying to do math in my head.  My head hurts.  And clearly, I didn’t learn my 7’s addition facts.
  • I am not going to admit the number of times I was corrected by a third or fourth grader and replied “Ha!  I was testing you!  Good job!  You passed!”  They looked at me rather skeptically when I said that.
  • On Thursday I started a sock knitting class to try and learn how to do two socks on two circular needles.  My brain was so fried by that point that I spent most of the class just staring at my yarn and needles thinking “I know I have done this wrong, but I can’t even remember how to purl, so maybe I should just go grab some coffee instead.”
  • But!  I have found some real!  live!  people! with whom to speak yarn and knitting and such (not that y’all aren’t real! live! people!, but you know what I mean).  They read the same knitting blogs I do!  And spend gobs of time trolling through Ravelry, queuing projects and drooling over yarn.  That alone was worth the $50 or whatever it was I spent to stare at my needles and whimper.
  • I tried to cast the socks on again last night, but had already had my glass of wine, and therefore just sat and stared at the yarn for a bit, shrugged, and decided to watch another episode of Arrested Development instead.  Today, after my coffee, I will try try again.
  • I finished my Bella Mittens, pictures on Ravelry but for those of you who don’t actually knit, here is a not very good shot for you.
  • Recently I have also finished Mike’s holiday sweater, which is in need of a good block, my Just Enough Ruffles Scarf, and a Snappy Hat.  But, I can’t find my camera so no pictures as of yet.  Today I have to clean the house, so hopefully the camera will turn up.
  • I am now done with my coffee, so I am off to take a preventative asprin and start my socks.  Wish me luck.


  1. Are you saying I finished my mitts before you?? I can’t believe that.

    And have I thanked you yet for sucking me into Ravelry?? I can spend hours just trolling through the patterns. I have to sometimes set the timer to remind me to get out of there. But the projects I have in the hopper now are amazing, just need time to actually knit them.

  2. The mittens are awesome. Someday I am going to learn to knit.

  3. Those mittens are absolutely incredible! I love the color, too.

  4. I love the mittens! One day, I, too, will learn to knit…

  5. The mittens turned out great. I need to get with it and actually finish mine. I frogged the hand part because they squished my hands too much and I have yet to pick them up again.

  6. The mittens look fabulous. I got mine started, then had a long hold-up while life insisted on interrupting my knitting, and now I’m back at it again. Hopefully I’ll finish soon.

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