More Bullets!

  • I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting here folks, so bullets it will be for a while because that’s how I tend to think these days.  Thoughts come and go rather quickly, and are generally unrelated.
  • Today is one of my least favorite days of the year, the spring time change.  Not quite as bad as the fall time change, which takes us MONTHS to recover from sleep-wise, but this one is annoying because not only am I trying to put the kids to bed an hour early, BUT it is also still light when I am doing so, a lose-lose situation if I ever saw one.
  • I have a spring cold, which makes me all the more more grumpy.  It has not been our year illness-wise.
  • A new pubby-type of place opened up walking distance from our house.  I tried to go with my bookfair co-chair on Thursday night, and there was a LINE.  On a THURSDAY NIGHT.  We weren’t waiting to get in, so we went to the dive bar/pizza joint across the street.  But M and I got a sitter last night and met Rebecca and Paul there and it was lovely.  A bit loud, and we weren’t waiting an hour for a table, but still, nice to have a local place to grab a bite and a drink.
  • Now that it is nice, I am staring at my mess of a yard and realizing that four years of neglect has not been good for our landscaping.  I have a feeling I am going to need to rip the majority of it out and start again, which is both terrifying and expensive.  But the beds are not even weedy at this point, just moss and mud.  Anyone with a green thumb have any shady ground cover suggestions?  Cause our yard is pretty much all shade thanks to the gargantuan trees all around us.
  • I re-cast on the socks yesterday afternoon and it went much better with a little sleep under my belt.  I totally get the concept now, but of course I was so focused on the concept that I totally ignored the pattern and messed up the ribbing so I need to start over again.  Ulgh.  I have had serious issues recently with getting projects going.
  • Now I am off to have some more coffee and contemplate my yard a bit more.


  1. Wonderful shay ground cover…Myrtle. It has shiny dark green leaves and tiny purple blossoms. And it spreads beautifully.

  2. That should say shady!

  3. I need to get back into the blogging habit, too. Just commenting is progress for me! 🙂

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