Baseball Mom

I got the first email of the season from C’s baseball coach today, apparently this is the year that the sport ramps up, in preparation for “travel baseball” next year.  I am choosing not to tell my son about said ramp up, as he tends to freak out about such things.  I’m just going to see if he notices that he is spending many more hours a week on the baseball field than he did last year; it could go either way really.

A, however, has been out in the backyard practicing up the wazoo in preparation for her baseball debut (in JULY).  While softball doesn’t start until kindergarten, baseball allows kids to start the summer they turn five.  So she thought for about 30 seconds, and then declared that she would play baseball for a season, and “get ahead” of all the other girls.  Gee, she’s not my competitive one, is she?

Many moons ago I wrote something about counting down the years until my children could play team sports so it was someone else’s job to run them ragged.  Silly, silly me.  I failed to account for the hours of my life that would get spent sitting on the grass (because I never remember my chair), trying to drown out the pleas of the child not participating in the sport du jour for “snack/ice cream/dinner/bed/something to do.”  It’s going to be a long, long season.



  1. Do I have the solution for you! Move back to the Boston area. LG, my baseball-obsessed child, announced that he would NOT be doing Little League again this year because it was too cold when he played last year.

  2. I dread the thought of team sports. Although if things are done right I may be able to turn it into knitting time.

  3. Ugh – good luck with that. We’re sitting out of team sports this Spring, as M and P prepare for black belt testing. However, J has already told me that she wants to play soccer in the fall, “because M played soccer when she was in kindergarten.”

  4. I haven’t found the whole hassle of two different basketball teams plus a ballet lesson as much trouble as I expected, but I dread the ramp-ups (multiple practices a week) that lurk just ahead of us.

    I’ve thought before now that it’s good none of my kids is super-passionate about a sport, because even if they wanted to be Olympians, I am just too selfish to change my life that much.

  5. onetiredema says:

    Books! Lots of books! Make C read Harry Potter again.

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