Some finished knitting projects

007A Warmer Republic neck warmer.  This was knit up in that mystery green cashmere yarn.  I didn’t love the yarn, and I need to move the buttons in a bit, but it IS warm.  The pattern is super easy as well, I knit it on the plane ride to my sister’s over MLK weekend.

006A Snappy Hat.  And it was indeed Snappy, I started it and finished it during one of the American Idol two hour audition shows.

004Just Enough Ruffles Scarf (the picture does not do this one justice, the colors are much brighter and prettier in real life!)



  1. I definitely want the pattern for the Snappy Hat! Could I have it soon? It’s adorable.

  2. Um….can I ask where to find the pattern for that scarf? So I can give it to my mother and beg her to knit it for me?

  3. Awesome stuff!!!

  4. Love them all!!

    I made the same Republic Warmer for my Sister for her birthday, in grey though. I forgot to take a photo of it so I need her to model it. I made the Bella’s Mittens to match.

    And I have made the Snappy hat too, only it was called something else and I put a pompom on top. I loved how quickly it finished up.

  5. You are really inspiring me to want to take up knitting. I think I say that every time you post new pics. Maybe one day I will actually follow through with that. 🙂

  6. Ugh! Teach me to knit! I can only do scarves…and not fancy ones.

  7. Love all these.

  8. Everything is soo cute!

    I’m well into the KAL mittens now, although I haven’t posted updayes and I should. I just bought some hand-painted yarn from a friend who spins and sells yarn. I got enough of it to make the JER scarf and matching mittens, so those are next on my list. I should post the yarn on my blog…

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