The Forgotton Generation

Rebecca: “Hey!  Travel Savvy Mom made the list of Power Mom Bloggers!  Does that make me a Power Mom?  Or a quarter of a Power Mom?”

Chichimama: “A quarter of a Power Mom I think.  Now I have to check this list out.”

Chichimama goes digging through the internets and finds said (not so easily googleable list).  (BTW, you have to scroll halfway down the press release and then download a PPT presentation to actually get to the list.  Neilson?  Your PR department should call me…)

Chichimama: “I only recognize a few names on here.  Where is Mir?”

Rebecca: “I KNOW!  Who are all these people?  I mean Heather Armstrong, OK…”

Chichimama: Do you think we are out of the blogging loop?”

Rebecca: “Well, I AM a quarter of a Power Blogger…”

Chichimama: “Hey. Wait, did you read this?  We aren’t ANYTHING!”

Rebecca: “Huh?”

Chichimama: “Look!  They grouped moms into two categories, older than 40-50 with 3+ kids, and 25-34 with 1 or 2 kids.  Apparently, all that money we spend at Target doesn’t count.”

Rebecca: “So I need to have more kids or get older?”

Chichimama: “You need to have more kids AND get older.”

Chichimama: “We are the Forgotten Mom Generation!”



  1. Seems like there are plenty of us forgotten ones in the corner of the blogosphere I inhabit. That’s funny.

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