Random Bullets of Random Bits

  • A has two weeks left of school.  Two weeks.  And then she will be a kindergartener.  Hard to believe that a child who was only four months old when I started this blog is old enough to head off to school for 5+ hours a day.
  • But, before I find myself with 5+ hours of childless time next September, we have to make it through a camp-free summer of family togetherness.  C, who was a huge proponent of no camp a month ago has now changed his tune now that he has figured out that a) no camp means a summer of hanging around with boring mom and b) just because there is no school does not mean he gets to watch more TV and play more video games.  Too bad kiddo, the budget doesn’t include camp now…
  • I actually think we are actually solving the no camp issue rather nicely through two jaunts to Maine, but talk to me on Labor Day and I’ll let you know for sure.
  • The kids are also taking swimming lessons every day for six weeks.  And if they still can’t swim at the end of this summer after 5+ years of year-round swim lessons, I am throwing up my hands and buying them adult-sized floaties.  Because I cannot spend another winter sitting at the indoor pool twice a week watching my children flail about like they have never seen the water before.
  • I just purchased the yarn to make this sweater. Botanica_Back_small
  • I’m crazy, aren’t I.  I figure it should take me the rest of my life or so.  Anyone want to knit along with me?
  • My graduate school adviser called to check in a few days ago.  Apparently, I have lost my place as “the best student he ever had” to someone he had last year.  I was a bit devastated, but M pointed out that I had had a good 10-year run there.  Doesn’t make me feel much better though.  Especially since my former title has been replaced with “world’s meanest mommy.”
  • I can’t believe it has been 11 years since I was in grad school.
  • My backyard is a disaster.  And I have no idea where to start on it.  I have a feeling it involves ripping out everything and starting over, but that sounds expensive, and given my propensity towards killing green things I can’t imagine it would wise expenditure.  So I am spending another summer staring at the weeds and waiting for my  fairy godmother to wave her wand and miraculously re-landscape my yard.
  • And if the fairy godmother happens to be stopping by my house, it would be nice if she repainted my eating area and hung some window treatments too.  I figure, might as well ask her, right?
  • Perhaps I will sit and knit all summer instead.  Except I will have to learn to like cotton I think.


  1. If your fairy godmother drops by, can you point her at my yard, too? I’m trying to make modest improvements in the crappy landscaping this year, but it’s all an overwhelming mess. So I hear you on the landscaping woes. And join you in the “how did my kid get this old?!?” pondering. I can’t believe kindergarten is almost over.

  2. I’m with you on wanting to knit all summer. I’ve found linen to be lovely…it truly should be disabused of its reputation of having a bad hand.

  3. Us, too, with the two weeks til the end of preschool, and the long, camp-free summer stretching ahead of us. I’m planning to break up the monotony by running away to join the circus at least twice. But jaunts to Maine, that’s not a bad idea, either.

    I really liked working with bamboo, despite my complaints about the Incredible Growing Tank Top. Still haven’t figured out what to do with it, but am planning to make a sweater to go with it. Because hope springs eternal like that.

  4. Orangemanmike says:

    Please note that when Chichimama says her “back yard is a disaster” she is NOT referring to the grass! The grass is spectacular!

    Right? Right?


  5. I bet you can get that gorgeous sweater knitted during all the hours you spend poolside watching your flailing offspring. LOVE the idea of adult-sized floaties.

  6. I just started some of my fall hats. Hopefully I can spend my summer knitting and not snacking ;).

    We don’t do camps here, not yet anyway. We figure they go to school all year Summer is their break. Will see if boredom overtakes anyone this summer though.

    If the fairy Godmother drops by, could you send her my way, I am waiting for my Bedroom to get painted, thanks 😉 .

  7. That is an awesome sweater…

    And if you’re feeling, you know, nostalgic about your youngest starting kindergarten, well, wait until your youngest graduates high school. I can’t quite believe it myself, but it happens in just a couple of weeks.

  8. Oh, I know, I know. We have two weeks left also, and then the summer is ahead of us with the exception of camp week right after July 4th. I have no idea what we’ll be doing, and that is alternately freeing and alarming, depending on my mood.

    Liam was asking about A and C the other day, and told me he misses them. If you want to come down and pick strawberries again, “our” farm just put out the open picking sign again. What do you think?

    Also? That is a fabulous sweater. Where did you find the pattern?

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