A change is a good as a rest, until it isn’t

Ahem.  I seem to have taken off to Maine and come back again without actually MENTIONING that fact on the blog.  Whoops.  On the upside, we made it to Maine and back with only a slight head cold on my part. No trips to the pediatrician before the trip, no phone calls to her during the trip, and no trips to urgent care or the ER while in Maine.  A new record, I am quite sure.

On the downside, my kids didn’t have a CHANCE to catch a bloody thing as it rained.  All the time.  I actually felt so bad for them that I allowed myself to be dragged to the beach with toys, chairs, and towels, in the middle of a rain shower.  Yes indeed, the kids frolicked in the sand while I sat huddled on a sand chair in a rain jacket.  They thought it was brilliant, they had the beach to themselves.  I kept thinking that someone really needed to nominate me for a mommy of the year award.

Apparently, the weather was lovely here all week (lovely being a relative term I suppose, but at least no one was contemplating the woodpile in the backyard and wondering if there was enough there to build an ark).  And while I had to pull off the road THREE TIMES yesterday due to torrential downpours and massive lightning storms in New England, in NJ it was a balmy 78 and sunny.  Then there was the added bonus of actually making it across the Cross Bronx AND the George Washington Bridge at 60 MPH thanks to the holiday weekend.  We all cheered as the “Welcome to NJ sign” flashed passed us on the bridge.

I spent the week chanting Rebecca’s mom’s mantra, “a change is as good as a rest,” and by the end of the week I almost believed it.  Except the kids didn’t make it into bed until 9:30 last night, they were up at 6:10 this morning, and despite everyone’s insistence to the contrary, I am fairly confident that the only way we are seeing the fireworks tonight is through the hazy veil of tears.

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, until you get home.  And then you realize that you need a vacation to recover from your rest.



  1. Yup, you are definitely Mom of The Year. I can’t even imagine the beach in the rain. But at least you made it back in a good time, minus the storms. I didn’t know you could go that fast on those bridges!

    Welcome back, and hopefully your return will welcome in some actual summer with sun included in the package.

  2. We here in the midwest are having the same cool rainy weather and our week at our lake cottage involved trying to explaoin to our 3 year old granddaughter why she could not go into one of the Great Lakes in the rain in July. We really didn’t want her to freeze to death! And now I am resting up ….

    But Mother of the Year is definitely yours!

  3. And then you realize that you need a vacation to recover from your rest.

    LOL! So true.

    I’m very impressed that you took them to the beach in the rain. That’s some serious dedication.

  4. We were at my favourite beach that week and while we watched the weather carefully, we were very thankful that all the rain and cold stayed North of us, just barely. We returned home to cool temperatures and rain, it it doesn’t let up then I might just pack us back up and head back to the beach.

    p.s. have done the wet sand/beach in the rain thing too!

  5. This was a wonderful post. Please continue doing thigs like this one.

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