Summer Update

So I think we are exactly halfway through the summer today and and I must admit that despite my earlier panic, it has, in general, been good.  No, the kids STILL don’t know how to swim (my GOD, how much more money am I going to have to THROW at this one???) and the 6am wake ups have been rough, and the cats have NOT been pleased about all the extra company around destroying their precious daytime sleep, but as I told Rebecca yesterday, I think we will be doing the no camp thing again next summer.

C has been reading his way through the library, and A has been doing an admirable job of convincing the librarians that she too can read 300 page chapter books.  On our last trip she very serious stood in front of the 2nd grade reading shelf, carefully studied the back of several books, chose two of them and then walked over to the librarian and asked “Do you think this book is appropriate for me?  I am trying to branch out from unicorns and fairies.”  The book in question?  Was about dragons.  The librarian thought it was a brilliant choice, and then tried to convince me that my daughter, who insists that the word “cat” is “car,” can read.  No, she is just good at looking at the dragon depicted on the cover and determining that the book is probably about something other than unicorns and fairies.

There has been more ice cream this summer than our household has seen since I was pregnant.  There has also been an awful lot of arts and crafts, although very little knitting on my part because the majority of arts and crafts has required a fair amount of parental intervention to prevent the utter destruction of the eating area.  The sibling bickering has increased dramatically as an unfortunate by-product of our constant family togetherness, but as it generally results in two children being sent to their rooms and a few minutes of peace and quite for me, I can’t really complain too much (well, I can, but I won’t do so here for once).

This weekend we leave for our annual pilgrimage up the Eastern Seaboard, although this year it involves a drive north, a drive south, and then a drive back north again.  I am hopeful that the weather is better than it was earlier this summer during what will forever be referred to as the “Raincation” in our house.  By the time we get back there will only be 2 weeks until school starts, and A starts (full-day!) kindergarten.  After all this summer togetherness, I have a sinking feeling that I am going to be stalking the playground at lunchtime to catch glimpses of my children.

Apparently my time here has run out, the arts and crafts closet has been opened for the day at 7:39 am, and there are demands for “real paint” and “real glue.”  Here’s to hoping that the second half of the summer is as tolerable as the first…



  1. I hope the rest of your summer goes well. Here in Kansas school will be starting in a few weeks so mine is almost over.

  2. Here’s hoping your next vacation is smooth and that the weather perks up for you. I for one am really tired of this rain and let J run around outside in the pouring rain today. He was happy, his buddy was happy and I didn’t have him in the house bored. J starts full days this year, so I am wondering how we will fill the day without him.

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