• We are back from Maine.
  • It was possibly the best. summer. ever.  Right up until the point that we left Maine.
  • I am fairly confident that we will be spending every moment possible in Maine next summer.  Because the hanging around NJ without: a) a beach a block away b) friends to play on said beach c) the ability to walk/bike to ice cream/pizza/lollipops/playground/tennis has gotten really old really quickly.
  • C finally got his class assignment for 2nd grade.  He is thrilled, I am less so.  Yet again, he got the young, fun teacher.  I love my son dearly, but he does not need the young, fun teacher.  He needs the mean one.  Plus, they placed him with his best friend.  Which means that he is going to spend yet another school year chatting away during class time instead of actually trying to learn something.
  • On the upside, he is convinced that school is the best. thing. ever.
  • A starts full-day kindergarten next week.  How can that be possible?
  • I’ll be back next week, maybe.


  1. Looks like the opposite happened here — Sean got the mean teacher, or at least that’s the rep I’ve heard. We’ll see whether the truth matches the rumor. He and his best friend were split up, and I can’t help but be grateful! Here’s to a great second grade for C and Sean! (Jealous about full-day kindergarten….)

    • I can’t decide if I am happy about the full-day or not. We are sending her to private, because C’s K experience was so awful I was scarred for life, but she is going to be in a class of seven kids with two teachers. 1st grade will be a massive shock to all of us next year.

  2. LG also has the young, fun teacher. Early returns suggest that, ah, it ain’t going to be the most intellectually challenging year for him. Maybe this will be the year he figures out social life? I can hope, anyway…

  3. I’m glad you had such a fun summer! I’m glad to see you back and posting 🙂 Good luck to the kids and you on the new school year…

  4. I have missed my dose of Jersey! Glad you had a nice summer 🙂

    Miss M is one of 33 kids in her class. THIRTY-THREE. Double the number as in her PreK class. (Faint.) Time will tell…

  5. Yay for the best summer ever!

    And J got the young, fun teacher too. But, I am happy that he got the young fun one as he had two oldies last year that kind of set him back a bit.

    What are you going to do with your free time?? A & C at school all day long!

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