Week 1 Round Up

  • School started.  And we made it through the first day without a phone call from the school nurse, a new milestone! Yippee!
  • I did, however, receive a call from C’s teacher after school; apparently he spent a portion of the afternoon in tears.  Sigh.
  • On the upside, after the first day he has managed to hold it together until we get to the car before he bursts into tears.  Again, progress.
  • A, on the other hand, has taken to full-day school like a champ, and her only complaint so far is that the teacher has not yet taught her to read.  In fact: “She hasn’t even TRIED, Mommy!”
  • I was indeed correct, C ADORES his young, hip teacher.  The one who did. his classwork. for him.  Because he was too busy chatting to get it done in a timely manner and she wanted to catch him up to the rest of the class.  I do believe that Mrs. Fun and Hip and I will need to have a chat about my son’s strengths and weaknesses sooner rather than later.  Because really?  What he needs to learn in second grade is to do. his. work. when asked to do so rather when it is convenient to him.
  • Today was our initiation in the the hell that is weekend sports, C had baseball from 11-1, A had soccer from 2-3 and then gymnastics from 5-6:30.  Thankfully, baseball was canceled due to the rain, so we were eased into things a bit.
  • I kept telling M that this was only the beginning, in the spring we will apparently be adding lacrosse and softball into the mix.  Who ARE these children?  Clearly not mine as my sporting activities were limited to those forced upon me by my respective schools.
  • I have been knitting, knitting, knitting, yet I can’t seem to finish a project.  As soon as I reach a point where I need to pay attention to a pattern, I find myself moving on to another project.  One of these days I need to buckle down and finish something before I forget where I am on all these unfinished projects and they languish in my bag forever.


  1. Sounds like your first week of school went pretty well. If only C could not get to the teary stage, then you would be good to go. After our second week, J isn’t quite as tired, but still doesn’t eat all his lunch, which is really weird.

    Keep on knitting! I love seeing the finished product and I am careful not to start anything I may get bored with ;).

  2. It sounds like fun hip teacher needs to get a clue. Doing kid’s work for them never helps them learn anything.

    I too am looking forward to FO pics. I need to work on posting more of mine.

  3. Ah yes—learning to do work in a timely manner….my college kid is still working on that! Good luck!

    And I love A’s comment about teaching her to read, “She hasn’t even tried yet!” Too cute.

  4. All in all it really sounds like a good first week. I hope that the teary stage is brief and that the teacher gets a clue. I can’t believe that any teacher would find this an acceptable answer to ensuring all the students are together.

    I’ve tried and tried to push Teen L in to sports for a decade to with no success. NSBH enjoys playing just about everything. I am athletically challenged but I did enjoy the sports I participated in even if I didn’t play much during games.

  5. How did September go? Have the tears stopped? Did Ms. Hip change direction re: the goals? Have you continued to avoid the nurse?

    Have you finished any knitting? I have three projects about three seconds from completion, but I can’t bring myself to do it. The mysteries of yarn….

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