• Tis one of my least favorite days, the first day that Daylight Savings is gone.  We were up waaaayyy too early this morning.  Exactly when do you think it isn’t my problem if the kids are up at an unreasonable hour?  I had all intentions of sending off to the TV without me this morning, but by 5:55 they were both in tears, so that plan went out the window.
  • If I have any advice for new parents it is “Buy a king-sized bed if you have any interest in letting your child(ren) spend any time snuggling in there.”  Because once they get beyond 3 months or so?  A queen is just. not. big. enough.  Especially if you have tossers and turners.
  • Halloween is finally over for another year.  I cannot wait to get the decorations back up to the attic.  A was Dorothy this year, because she wanted the red sparkly Target shoes, and C was Obi Wan Kenobi as he wanted a light-saber so he could duel with his best friend.  We were all about the accessories this year.
  • I didn’t clear out of church quickly enough after choir practice one day, and, as a result, found myself choir mom for the year.  Which means that I am going to spend the morning trying to keep 20 K, 1st, and 2nd graders from a) tripping over their robes, b) in some semblance of a line as the process into church and c) quiet in church for way too long a period of time.  This is AFTER they have had who knows how much candy for breakfast.  As while my children have been told that if they even THINK about asking for candy before noon, it will all belong to me, I am sure that many of the parents out there are bribing their children with candy to be quiet this morning.  Gah.
  • Next week is a total waste of a school week, three “1/2 days” because of parent/teacher conferences and then two days off for “the teachers convention,”  except I have never actually know a teacher who has gone to said convention.  Coming off of a wasted day because of the Halloween festivities and headed into Thanksgiving week, I sort of feel like they should just throw up their hands and declare November mid-term break or something.  At least then I wouldn’t have to spend the month getting everyone to school on time.
  • I am incredibly far behind on my holiday knitting.  I somewhat fear that even if I knit continuously between now and the big day, I still won’t finish everything I have started, and am starting to pick up some “extra” things that could be tasked as teacher gifts if need be.  Anyone have any good ideas for teacher gifts this year?
  • I didn’t sign up for NaBloPoMo this year.  But may make a half-hearted effort to slog through the month, if only to distract myself from Farmville, which is an incredibly addictive game with no redeeming benefits what-so-ever.  Well, except for the fact that it can keep C happily occupied for a large chunk of time.  He seems to have inherited my love of mindless activity.  A, on the other hand, feels the need to be productive most of the time.  It will serve her will in life.
  • With that, I am off to feed my children and gear up for a fun-filled morning of crowd control.  Wish me luck…


  1. I did go to teacher’s conventions when I was teaching..honest!
    And Farmville… oh how my addiction grows.

  2. Ok you are making me panic about my holiday knitting now,,, thanks! 😛

  3. King-sized bed: an essential.

    As I recall, those Target sparkly shoes hurt people’s feet! (We had three pairs ourselves at one point: the tin man wanted ruby slippers, too)

  4. I wish I had a children’s choir!

  5. Farmville made the NYT, didn’t it? I refuse to get involved. I spend way too much time on FB without the games.

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