If it looks like a pig

and smells like a pig, it probably is a pig, not a hunk of tofu.  Or so Rebecca tells me.

In the last 24 hours, my kids have apparently been exposed to at least three cases of swine flu.  I figure by this time next week we should be nice and sick.  On the upside, I have some time to plan so a large part of my day tomorrow will consist of a nice big shopping spree at Target to stock up on additional Tylenol, tissues, and some pretty shiny things to keep us all occupied.  Or, perhaps, a new garbage can or three to puke in as all our contacts seem to have the pukes with the flu.  Lovely.  I so pink puffy heart the pukes.

This should pretty much solidify our track record for Thanksgiving, making us 0-8 in Thanksgiving plans since C first came on the scene.  As of next year?  The holiday no longer exists in my world.  Although as a friend pointed out this afternoon, I might break the Turkey Day curse only to end up with the Christmas curse.  She had a point I suppose.  While my favorite holiday may be Thanksgiving, it is not a particular favorite of the kids as they have no real interest in either turkey or football.  Or, quite honestly, mashed potatoes, stuffing, or green bean casserole.  About the only thing that makes Thanksgiving tolerable, according to C’s 2nd Thanksgiving report, is the pumpkin pie.

So a question for y’all, if you had 36 hours or so to prepare for the onslaught of the flu, what types of supplies would you lay in (operating under the assumption that there is already enough food in the house to wholeheartedly embrace a pandemic)?



  1. I would just be pouring water and rooisbos tea down their throats.

  2. Lemon and chamomile teas, extra DVDs from the rental place (or a quick drop-off of the current envelopes after I’d re-set the queue to be kid-friendly), lots of extra Motrin, batteries for the thermometer, covers for the ear thermometer, refills on the Albuterol, bleach.

  3. Hand sanitizer and soap, quick/easy meals (in case you get sick too), ginger (i love candied ginger), “exciting” drinks so it’s easy to push fluids (gatorade? juice? my mom used to buy 7-Up only when we were sick),… Have you considered getting them to irrigate their sinuses? Ear-nose-& throat docs swear by that stuff. And it really doesn’t feel like you might expect water-up-the-nose feels (i.e. nothing like inhaling water in a swimming pool). There are sets for kids too, I think.

  4. Lysol, pedialyte, crackers, and laundry soap buy the buckets. Oh and I would sneak in some chocolate for me.

  5. Gargling salt-water, or taking Airborne would be my pre-sick suggestions. My supply list would include: Lysol, liquids, and make a trip to the library for enough books and movies to get through. Chocolate is always good to have on hand, too! 😉 Good luck!

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