Bullets of Swine Flu

  • I spent the day yesterday cleaning.  Because if we were going to be home sick with the flu for days on end I didn’t want to be lying on the couch hacking up a lung and staring at a big old dustball in the corner.  Rebecca, who was lying on her couch with the flu as I frantically scrubbed, informed me that I really wouldn’t care about the dustball if I got the flu.  Regardless, I now have a clean house.
  • I was woken by A at 3:05 this morning with a “My head hurts.  And my tummy.  I am HOT under my covers.  My chest hurts.”  On the upside, I knew exactly what we were dealing with, on the downside, yuck.
  • Interestingly, she actually doesn’t have a fever.  I assume it will spike at some point (or not, as A always seems to be the exception that proves the rule), and the cough is minimal.  I probably would have sent her to school had I not been so aware, thus, in my uneducated opinion, explains part of why this thing is spreading like wildfire…
  • Now my head hurts.  Ulgh.


  1. Oh NO.

    Courage. And chicken soup.

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