Sometimes, Medicine is a Good Thing

Our pediatrician was very insistent that she wanted to see A yesterday (or, rather, as she was out on maternity leave, her partner was).  I had planned on hunkering down and just wanted to double check what I was looking for in terms of “dangerous symptoms.”  But, in we went.  Right about the time she started vomiting.  Thankfully, she hit the dining room rug, not the new(ish) couch or, the car.  By the time we got there, her fever was 103ish, and she was promptly put on Tamiflu.

I generally am very wary of medicine, I have what M calls “side-effect phobia.”  I live in fear of the bizarre, 1 in 100,000 side effect.  So I hemmed and hawed a bit about the Tamiflu.  The doctor gently told me I was crazy, and to take the prescription already.  Let me tell you, based on A today vs. A yesterday?  Tamiflu is a wonderful drug.  She is still clearly sick, but she is at least somewhat alert and capable of complaining when she doesn’t like the show on TV.  She has even consumed two pieces of toast and two juice boxes, some serious progress.

Now I am just hoping that the rest of us somehow avoid this.  Doubtful, I know, but a mommy can hope…



  1. Wishing the rest of the recovery goes quickly!

  2. I am glad she is feeling betterish and don’t feel like you are crazy for wanting to avoid meds. I try to be as minimal as possible in that respect also, it helps that a lot of drugs interact with Evan’s blood thinner so I have an actual excuse for him any way.

  3. Glad to hear she turned a corner. I myself normally roll up my sleeve for whatever the doctors are handing out, except this time I am being slightly more cautious. Which I don’t think is a bag thing, right?

  4. How awful. I hope she recovers quickly and that no one else catches this virus!

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