An update from the sick ward

  • I thought A was on the mend, then tonight she spiked a super high fever again.  Thankfully, the Motrin brought it down, but I was very close to calling the pediatrician to see what to do about a fever that wouldn’t come down in a child who was very insistent that she felt totally fine.  It seemed an odd combo, as generally, with a fever of over 103, she is a melted pile of goo instead of a dancing fool screaming at me that she is NOT sick and that I am a MEAN MOMMY for not letting her dance around the house like a crazy person.
  • C, of course, seems to have a slight fever and a headache, so I assume round two should hit tomorrow.  Although he has also gotten rather dramatic about the whole thing, insisting that he is very, very sick.  So it is rather hard to separate the real sick from the fake sick right now.
  • I am feeling not so great myself, but am hoping it is the constant worrying about getting sick that is doing me in, not the actual flu.
  • I did not lay in enough supplies, clearly.  We ran through our jello supplies, I was forced to rent a video on demand from Amazon this afternoon, and we are out of quiet art activities that can be done on the couch.  We are out of ice pops as I forgot to add those to the list, and the juice supply is dangerously low.  The cats, however, are styling with plenty of food and litter.
  • Any good TV show suggestions?  In our current rotation are Phineas and Ferb, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, and occasionally one of the kids asks for Curious George.  But as much as I love Phineas and Ferb, we have seen every episode at least three times in the last few days, and I think I need to branch the kids out for my own sanity.
  • No one is interested in listening to books on CD.  Apparently that is a “car” activity, not a lie on the couch activity.  I have no idea what the difference is between lying on the couch or sitting in a booster seat, but they both insist that there is, so huh.
  • What do you think the likelihood of us making it to my sister’s for Thanksgiving are?  Yesterday I was giving it pretty good odds, today, not so much.  M think we should have a betting pool every year, not for whether or not we make it to whatever Thanksgiving plans we made, but for what keeps us from making it to where we are supposed to be, or enjoying the day once we are there.  Over the last 8 years we have had random viral fever, pneumonia, stomach bug, random viral fever, strep, stomach bug, stomach bug, and now flu.  Safe money would be on stomach bug given our track record…


  1. Sorry to hear about the impending round two, and A’s fever spike. Ugh! As for TV suggestions, my girls (especially J) have been watching a lot of Word Girl and Electric Company lately. Apparently, they watch Electric Company during snacktime in J’s class, so she is obsessed with it now. Oh, and we have also been watching Tom & Jerry on demand recently, too.

    I hope that everyone gets better quickly and you break the Thanksgiving trend!

  2. Oh, you poor guys….I’m so sorry to hear the kids are sick. It seems to be what’s happening all over our area-Liam’s school has been hit hard by illness-induced absences. Liam and Kiri are right now both on antibiotics for bronchitis and tonsillitis. It’s been a rough start to the cold and flu season – here’s hoping it gets better from here !

  3. I forgot our current favorite TV show-Martha Speaks! It is a very clever show, wholesome, and appeals to a wide range of children. Have fun watching!

  4. Curious Girl has also had a couple of high fevers that seemed unaccompanied by the other baggage that usually attends a high fever. Weird.

    Crossing fingers and toes for a healthier Thanksgiving day for all of you.

  5. Hope everyone is on the mend–and here’s hoping for a healthy Thanksgiving.

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