We did it!

We had a real Thanksgiving, with family, a turkey, and pumpkin pie!  The Thanksgiving curse has been broken!  For a year, anyway…

Now I have to turn my attentions to the rapidly approaching Christmas and (gulp) New Years party, which will be greatly scaled down this year.



  1. huzzah!

  2. Hooray!!! And now to New Years, can’t wait to hear how that turns out this year. You were so brave last year.

  3. Yup, I thought so! I’m so glad the curse was broken and that you had a warm and happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    I totally get it about scaling down the party; we’ve scaled back this year in many areas as well, year-end tipping, entertaining, less gift giving. And you know what? Not only has our budget been spared (so far), but it has greatly simplified the whole holiday chaos issue, and we are all much more relaxed and friendly at what really should be a happy time of year. I hope the same things come true for you, Chichimama 🙂

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