A Love/Hate Reationship

I loved Christmas.  I loved the lights, and the pretty trees, and the peace that could be found by sitting on one’s couch and listening to holiday music and sipping some sort of adult beverage.  But the last time I remember sitting on the couch, listening to holiday music and sipping an adult beverage was somewhere around 1999.

Now, my children love Christmas.  And my husband loves Christmas, and I am pretty sure that my in-laws love Christmas.  Because for them, it is a magical holiday where presents and food appear, love is showered, and family is celebrated.  Me?  I now spend the holiday season making lists, cursing cheap wrapping paper and tape, and stressing over whether dinner will be ready at a reasonable hour or not.

This year I have been day dreaming of a destination Christmas.  One where we fly off to some southern location, where all presents need to fit in an airline approved carry-on bag, and where I dress and show up for a lovely meal cooked by someone who knows their way around a kitchen. A scenario that I never thought I would dream of.  But my (Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, Christmas Dinner, take your pick) menu isn’t planned, and I have done not a stitch of holiday baking.

Can you tell that I am not so much into the holiday spirit this year?

On the upside, our New Years party is back to the pre-“eh, what’s a few more people” days.  And, I am not serving dinner.  AND, the kids will be watching a movie (or two, or three) in the basement.  But until then I have to get through three pageant rehearsals, two choir rehearsals, and find the partridge in the pear tree.



  1. I have to admit that I am not so much into the Christmas Spirit this year either. And, like you I think it is all that I have to do to make sure that the day goes off well for everybody. Everybody except me apparently. I think that next year, I will delegate more to others… like everything!!

  2. I think once the kids are old enough to appreciate gift cards, you should pack your bags and go. These kind of holidays don’t sound relaxing at all!

  3. I know what you mean. I haven’t been as grumpy as usual this year, but still, I wish for a more relaxed time just to be together. Maybe someday!

  4. I love the holidays!!!! Like slightly obsessive love! This year though my HUbby brought up the idea of a Christmas down south, just us, no one else. I don’t know if I could leave my Christmas tree though.

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