Dear January

Dear January,

I am so over you.  You are cold and no fun at all.  My hands are red, cracked disaster areas, my lips are chapped, and it is too cold to even contemplate a walk.  You make me jealous of the moms who have the chutzpa to ignore the emails sent by the principal declaring that one cannot park in the pickup/drop off zone and wait for your child to find you.  You also make me jealous of the moms who have children who agree to walk a block or two from school to find your car.  I was one of three mommies standing outside the 2nd grade door today, cursing your name.

I must admit, I am not a huge fan of your friend, February, either.  Although at least my birthday is in February, and that makes me slightly more inclined to forgive her her faults.  Also, she is only 28 (give or take) days long, and almost always offers up the gift of a snow day in hopes of currying favor (I can be bribed).

So dear January, please reconsider your standard fare.  Or, in lieu of a warm spell, please send some decent boots and an electric blanket.





  1. Yoiu aren’t going to DIS March, that nowhere month with ALL of it…snow, rain, ice, mud. Remember? At your elementary/middle school, we called it mud season! I’ll take January and February over March. At least those girls can be pretty! March is just ugly, mean and nasty.

  2. Ah, Nana, but March here is slightly better than March in NE. There have been years that C’s birthday’s guests have arrived in shorts and t-shirts…I can forgive March the mud…

  3. Perhaps you should think of a visit here. Over the weekend it got up to 78 or so.

  4. I was not a big fan of December weather either. I want to skip ahead to March, mud and rain and everything. At least then I would be warm.

  5. I have to agree with you on this one, except that I have nothing in February to make me smile… Bring on March and melting snow (although we have had some huge snow falls in March, but they are rare).

  6. I can deal with January…cause it’s winter and it’s supposed to be cold. BUT I hate March. Because it should be spring then and it isn’t.

  7. Oh my. Looking back – January was awesome. We are ten days into February and it has snowed 40 inches. FORTY. My kids have gone to school to about three hours. And they don’t go back until the 16th. I miss you January. ChiChiMama didn’t mean to antagonize you. Come back!
    Sigh… Love your blog!!
    xo, Lydia

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