Random Bullets of Standardized Testing

  • C took his first standardized test yesterday.  In second grade.  I know.  There are so many things wrong with that statement.
  • His reaction after the fact? “I never knew that something so easy could take so long.”
  • My reaction (before and after the fact)?  Barely controlled panic rooted in SAT test anxiety.  I had to keep telling myself that if C didn’t do well on his first standardized test, it didn’t mean he wasn’t getting into college.
  • That didn’t keep me from spending the next 24 hours trying to get him to tell me something about the test beyond “I had a hard time not raising my hand to tell the teacher everything that was wrong with the questions.”
  • Apparently, one question asked what kinds of houses were found at the North Pole.  C’s response?  “The test was wrong.  Because the North Pole is an ice pack, not a land mass.  They must mean the South Pole.  But a research station wasn’t one of the answers.  So I went with igloo.”
  • I threw up my hands at that point.  Because really?  What kind of a question is that?


  1. lol smart kid!

  2. I hate standardized tests.

    (But I love his answer.)

  3. Almost too smart for his own good, that child!

    (The testing drives me CRAZY.)

  4. Great answer! Also, I think he may be right 😉

  5. Sounds like he’s got the situation under control. 🙂

  6. Wow. I share your concern with testing. But I think C is going to have an easy time of it, judging by this story!

  7. And you are worried about his SAT’s… at the rate he is going they will be asking him to prepare the test!

    And yes, I agree standardized testing is a bunch of crock. Not sure about you guys to the South, but ours are supposed to be anonymous, but if your child does badly they tell you?!?

  8. Standardized testing is a farce. Test anxiety and logic skills can affect the outcomes…I do not consider them a true measure of learning, even after 20 years in the classroom administering them.

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