Post Puppy Depression

I don’t know what I have shared or not shared about this on the blog, but after both my kids (most notably A) were born, I suffered from what upon reflection was a combo of postpartum depression and its lesser known companion, postpartum anxiety.  After C was born, I think it was six months or so before I came out of it (those who knew me then can correct me, it could have been longer but at 6 months I remember being out and about and not quite so frantic).  After A was born, it was close to 18 months before I was somewhat back to my normal self (who is still a rather anxious, but functional, individual).

We brought the puppy home last Friday.  And he is the sweetest, most mild-mannered pup on the planet.  He almost never barks.  He is gentle with the kids.  He is quiet (mostly) at night and loves his crate.  And yet, by Saturday afternoon I was a hysterical, blubbering mess.  I couldn’t stop crying, I had no appetite, and I was going to bed at 8pm.  At least this time I didn’t have the hormones rushing through my system, and since I am clearly not nursing the pup, I was able to thrust him into M’s care for the whole 24 hours M is home this month and try to bury myself under the covers.

By day four, Perry had developed kennel cough and a potential bladder issue.  I feel like I have been thrust back into parenting a baby (except unlike parenting a baby, the trips to the doctor are a hell of a lot more expensive).  I want to love the dog, but all I see right now is another living being that depends on me to keep it alive and throws my (already limited) ability to make things run smoothly under the bus.  Plus, he gets terribly excited to see everyone else in the family, but the hand that feeds him?  I don’t even get a lick hello.  Please tell me it gets better, because right now I am so not seeing the upside of dog ownership besides the fact that as of this morning I was down six pounds and back into my skinny jeans.



  1. I vividly remember phoning Calder about three weeks after we brought Kermit home, sobbing hysterically because I couldn’t leave the house (Kermit had been abused and Freaked Out if we left her) and because she followed me everywhere. It was AWFUL.

    I think it got better by about six weeks after we brought her home. I do think it will get better.

    Puppies are probably harder, though. It takes a lot longer from them to get through the needy/demanding phase.

    Good luck. You can do this.

  2. Yup, when we brought Casey home we couldn’t leave the house because he would chew every toy (child toy, not dog toy) within reach. It does get better, and in fact it gets fun, it’s just that both you and Perry have had your lives turned upside down and reinvented right now. You will work out a doggie routine that works for everyone, and then you’ll look back at these days and say, “Oh, it seems so long ago!” Hang in there!

  3. Crackerjack! If getting a new puppy would get me back into my skinny jeans, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately we still have our 11 year old huskey and he drives us all nuts to the point that we will not be doing a puppy again for a long, long time. So I guess I need a new plan to lose the last 10. I remember puppies well though, and it does get better.. dare I saw around the 1 year mark?!

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