True to Form

It isn’t a national holiday without a sick child at Chez J-E.  A has been sporting a fever of 104+ since half-way through her kindergarten graduation on Thursday.  And may I say, there is nothing like being in the back row of a church, watching your child go from happy happy happy to swaying and about to topple from the top riser in under 30 seconds.

I will take stomach bugs any day over the random viral fever.  Ulgh.



  1. You poor guys! I hope she feels better soon, and that your weekend improves rapidly.

  2. Poor little thing! Hope she’s feeling better today!

  3. Oh no. I hope she’s feeling better, and the weekend improves.

  4. Urgh. Sick children. The last word in YUCK!

    I hope you are all well….

  5. See, at least you knew to expect illness. When everyone else is stocking up on BBQ supplies or Christmas trees, you lay in the kids’ advil.

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