One last lunch

I had to force myself to pack one. last. lunch. this morning.  I hate packing lunch.  Had I known that there is no cafeteria at our neighborhood school, I might have chosen to live elsewhere.  Not that I would have the kids buy lunch every day, but, once in a while, when I just can’t face making another sandwich, it would be nice.  Plus, over the course of the year we have lost three lunch boxes, all of our reusable containers have broken, and the kids “misplaced” several water bottles (I have no idea how many, I just know that my cabinet went from not empty to, well, empty).  While I am, in theory, a fan of the reusable lunch movement, it is not exactly a cheap option for a family with children who seem unable to keep track of their lunch boxes and drink containers for six hours.

M doesn’t understand my hatred of packing the lunch boxes.  And on the surface, I can see his confusion.  It is not like I won’t have to make lunch every day when the kids are home for the summer.  But if they are home I don’t have to try and guess what they want to eat, and is has become abundantly clear this year that what they want at 6am is almost never what they want at 12pm.  Plus, if they are eating at home I can serve food that requires an oven or microwave for reheating.  For as much as I try, those thermoses apparently don’t actually keep warm food as warm as the kids would like.

During the school year, if we are out of food at 6am Monday morning, I have to scramble around to come up with something approximating a lunch.  One slice of bread, applesauce, a cheese stick and some cereal?  Lunch of Champions, I pinky swear kids!  Over the summer, if we are out of food at 6am Monday morning, we can either run to the store before lunch, or, perhaps more likely, we can go out to lunch.

I would say it is an odd quick of mine, but based on the excitement at drop off this morning from pretty much every parent I talked to, I think hatred of packing lunches is a widespread phenomenon.  Regardless, I can rejoice for the next seven weeks, and rejoice I will.  I will also be hunting down lunch containers with a built in GPS.



  1. That bread, cheese, applesauce combo is pretty much what Allie would eat every day if I let her!

    Since we have half-day kindergarten, I haven’t yet had to pack two lunches a day. I’m sure I’ll be complaining starting mid-September.

  2. I’m with you, I hate packing lunches! I usually let my kids eat from the cafeteria every Friday, to give myself a break. Eventually, they ended eating virtually the same thing every day because I just can’t be creative 180 days a year.

    However, they are now at an age where I only make the sandwich, and they do the rest. My now-middle schooler is going to start doing it all herself in the fall! There definitely are benefits to the kids’ growing up.

  3. Liam is such a picky eater, and starting in the fall I have to pack his lunch every day, I am sweating it already, so trust me, Chichimama, I feel your pain on packing school lunches. We have a trial run starting next week since he’s going to camp for two weeks, and I’m scrounging for ideas.

    But applesauce, bread, and cheese is an option he might actually eat and it could be packed in a lunchbox. I am entirely serious when I say “Thank you” for the idea!

  4. Calder packed lunches for camp all last week, because I LOATHE it. Of course, I also loathe my part of the work, which is to empty all the uneaten food (superheated blueberries are SO DEPRESSING) and then clean the 8 million containers (OK, fine, 12 containers plus 3 boxes) plus the two sets of water bottles, and then getting all the ice packs back into the freezer, and freezing some of the water in the bottles but not TOO MUCH water….

    Gah. We let/make them eat school lunches every day of the school year. It is TOO MUCH WORK.

    Plus, at least that way, I don’t have to know how much of their lunch they’re not eating.


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