My Summer Goals

I don’t know why I am even making summer goals, between the kids who are doing a whopping 12 hours of camp all summer, and the dog who is lovely, but the biggest productivity suck M and I have ever experienced in our life, I’ll be lucky if a bed gets made by September.  But, because I am the queen of setting unrealistic goals, burning out, and eventually accomplishing something nowhere on my list, I feel the need to set goals, if only so I can figure out what that something that needs to get done but is nowhere on my list thing is.

  • De-paper the guest room.  No, not wallpaper, paper paper.  The guest room is the final resting place for all those “important papers” that generally live on the kitchen counter but have to get shoved someplace when company comes over.  Except the papers go in there and they never come out.  I am fairly confident if I ever go through that room I will find milk order forms from two years ago.
  • Clear out the too small dress up clothes.  Seems like a no-brainer, right?  Ha!  A has a dress up collection that rivals a small theater company’s wardrobe room, and loves each and every piece in her collection.  But, she has moved from the dress up every second of the day stage to the horses, horses, horses with a few fairies thrown in for good measure stage.  Which in my mind means that at least some of those clothes should find a good home someplace else.
  • Find a good home for many, many boxes of books.  When we moved, four years ago, we swore that we would get built-ins done for the living room to house all the books that had lived in the built-ins in our old house.  Its been four years, and those books are still in my attic.  Thankfully, I had the sense to mark which book had the Harry Potter series in them, so when C started in on those this year I didn’t have to dig through all 20 boxes for them.  But I am sure there are other equally well-loved treasures in there desperate to come out.
  • Deal with the basement shelves.  In our basement, there are two lovely sets of shelves that would be perfect for storing extra rolls of paper towels, tissues, and TP.  But at the moment they are filled random, random junk.  M may disagree with me on this one, since they live in his corner of the basement, but I have a feeling that he can’t identify most of the shelves contents either.
  • Knit.  I must knit, if only to reduce the stash and reclaim some of the guest room closet so I can store the papers referenced above in there.

Do you have any summer goals?  Besides staying sane and trying to convince the kids that tattling never pays, of course…



  1. I think my only goal is to remain sane while working full-time with only part-time child care plans. Although I would love to do lots of clean-up, too!

  2. Oh, the boxes of books! We have so many from when we moved into the house, that I too swore I would look after. I will make it my mission to deal with them after this move, I swear!!!

  3. Well, I plan to organize the closets in our front hall, laundry room, and Liam’s room. Also I want to clean out and repaper the kitchen and pantry shelves-we’ve been here for five years and some of those shelves are starting to get a bit sticky from spills here and there.

    But seriously, I know a good local carpenter who could build you some really nice built in bookshelves for a decent price. If you would like his contact info, let me know.

    Best of luck with your summer plans 🙂

  4. Get more work. Because earning $250 a month doesn’t pay for camp. Or make me feel like an adult.

  5. I donated a lot of our books to the school and public libraries. The school likes new ones. The library will take used and sell it at their used book sale. I also have to admit I am a sucker for books so I boxed many up and put them in the crawl space, hoping the grandchildren might want them in the future! I had all of my books saved from when I was a kid.

  6. We are halfway through Summer and so far have achieved my only goal. To do more with family and friends and to enjoy as much of Summer as possible. So far so good.

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